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Global Health Influencers are Hopeful for the Year 2023

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publicerad 20 januari 2023
- News@NewsVoice
Patrticipants American Health and Freedom Expo 2023. Photos: Aga Wilson

Aga Wilson reports from the Health and Freedom Expo in Florida for NewsVoice. The event brought together leading experts who work for our human rights, freedom of healthcare, science, and freedom of expression.

The interviews include the following Global Health Influencers, in order: Bruce Pardy, Dr. Christina Parks, Dr. Judy Mikovits, Maureen McDonnel, Zen Honeycutt, Bill Code, and James Patrick. The theme is hope for the year 2023.

The trip and report were made possible thanks to the support of the NewsVoice readers. We really appreciate your help.

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