Meryl Nass: They Use Fear to Keep a Grip on You – And How to Get Free

publicerad 3 januari 2023
- Aga Wilson
Aga Wilson and Dr. Meryl Nass. Photos: own work

Meryl Nass, MD, and Biological Warfare Epidemiologist, join Aga Wilson to discuss her background as an Anthrax expert and her experience with many previous pandemics and epidemics Globally as well as vaccine safety.

Meryl has recently had her license suspended for alleged covid misinformation. Like many other doctors and scientists who are speaking out against the safety and efficacy of the Covid-19 vaccine, Meryl is facing having her license removed for speaking her truth.


Extract focusing on how to be free of the harmful System:

Aga Wilson: It’s almost been two years. And some people are skeptical. They’re ready to give up. They think that, how are we going to win this war? Are we ever going to get through to the other side? So what do you think, Meryl, about that?

Meryl Nass: Well, it’s a process. I thought this would be over by now, but now we’re about three years in, and we realize it’s not going to be over for a long time because. The plan is not only about a pandemic; it’s not only about making money for pharma; it’s about controlling the food supply, reducing the population, controlling energy, et cetera.

And while at the same time, the process of fighting it has introduced me to the most wonderful, interesting people. So that enjoy every day, enjoy what I’m doing, which is trying to understand what’s going on, helping others to understand it, you know, write, speak and strategize.

So and some, you know, when it’s warmer, work in my garden a little bit and learn how to grow food, which I’ve been working on for about eight years. So I’ve been perfecting my methods to make me resilient.

And I have three-quarters of an acre, and that’s enough to grow enough food if necessary. And I don’t think it’s going to be necessary, but I think the process of learning how to do it and helping others and connecting with farmers and supporting them and using the land we have now for healthy farming techniques like organic, that’s important, finding out where your water comes from.

And so you prepare in your own home, and then you also need to figure out how you’re not going to comply, where you’re going to put your money, what you’re going to spend it on. And because of becoming a better person, we have allowed the entities for profit, presumably for profit, maybe in order to take over the world, we’ve allowed them to basically debase our culture.

People are not talking about uplifting things. People are. Completely distracted by video games and horror movies, and things that really don’t benefit anyone. Not good for children to be in front of a screen, playing video games, or seeing awful movies.

We need to create things of interest for ourselves that are uplifting for ourselves and our families and identify what’s meaningful and important and focus on that and let the rest go. I mean, don’t be distracted by junk; throw away your TV.

Don’t go to a movie unless you’re going to learn something or it’s going to help you to do something better. And try to make yourself a better person. Make your relationships better and stronger. Speak the truth to people.

Stop beating around the bush. We have a mode of social discourse where nobody we’ve all learned not to say what we really mean. People ask, how are you doing? Well, you’re supposed to say, I’m doing fine, even if you’re in the depth of despair.

So don’t ask how you’re doing? If you don’t want to know how that person is doing. Always speak the truth. Just start training yourself to speak the truth. We can create a really good society if we put our minds to it, because we are very creative and smart people.

Look what we’ve built. And we have to build for good and not for ill. We have to realize that the kings and the princesses. Presidents, you know, how did they get there? They got there through their relatives killing off the other tribes or beating up the other politicians, you know, or getting more money through corrupt practices.

These are not the people we want to emulate. You know, it’s been crazy that over the last 30 years, the richest, and they’re not even industrialists, the richest bankers, the richest investors have become the pillars of society when basically, at heart, they’re almost all crooks.

They got there through corruption. They got there through insider trading. And why we have held them up as icons that we want our children to follow. No, we need to realize that the people with the best spirit, the people who are honest, truthful, and are helping others, are the ones you want your children to emulate.

So I think it’s easy because I think everyone knows what’s right and wrong. Everyone knows what’s good and bad. We just haven’t given it enough thought. And we’ve been led into this valley of confusion deliberately, and we’ve been encouraged to hate our neighbor because they’re not vaccinated or they’re not wearing a mask, or they’re this, or they’re that.

They’re white, or they’re black, or they’re trans, or they’re this. It’s all been a ruse to separate us from each other. We’re basically all the same. Love your brother as yourself.


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