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Catherine Austin Fitts: Clues on How to Recapture Individual Freedom and Ditch the Global Control Grid

publicerad 8 februari 2023
- Aga Wilson
Aga Wilson and Catherine Austin Fitts

HEALTH & LIFESTYLE. Aga Wilson interviews Catherine Austin Fitts an American investment banker based in Tennessee. The main subject is different ways of getting rid of the globalist control grid by building a new sound community together with like-minded people uninterested in detrimental power structures, that always fail in the end.

Interview by Aga Wilson Show | Text by T. Sassersson, founder and editor of NewsVoice

Enjoy a relaxed talk with Fitts and Wilson down the path to your personal freedom together with a billion people all over the world fed up with the crumbling global and fear-based control grid.

In fact, the Amish people have been successful for a long time and they could inspire many freedom lovers. Avoiding any civil contract is just one factor, says Austin Fitts, regarding the Amish.

A transcript will soon be published below.

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