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Charles Bramesco or Tim Ballard? Who is the most accomplished concerning child trafficking?

Charles Bramesco calls the movie "Sound of Freedom" a "paranoid new movie" and a "QAnon-adjacent thriller".

publicerad 9 juli 2023
Charles Bramesco, Tim Ballard and Jim Caviezel
Charles Bramesco, Tim Ballard and Jim Caviezel.

For how long are serious people dealing with serious world problems have to put up with skeptics and pseudo-intellectual people like Charles Bramesco? Who is the most accomplished person concerning sex trafficking? Charles Bramesco or Tim Ballard?

Charles Bramesco writes articles about movies,

Yet Charles Bramesco calls the movie “Sound of Freedom” – based on Tim Ballards job experiences – a “paranoid new movie” and a “QAnon-adjacent thriller”. Bramesco uses fancy language, jargon, and an immature teenage attitude when he does his best to nullify one of the most important movies this year, a movie that can help end child trafficking.

Just read this paragraph in Bramesco’s review “Sound of Freedom: the QAnon-adjacent thriller seducing America”. Myself, I nearly fainted.

“Following that money leads back to a more unsavory network of astroturfed boosterism among the far-right fringe, a constellation of paranoids now attempting to spin a cause célèbre out of a movie with vaguely simpatico leanings. The uninitiated may not pick up on the red-yarn-and-corkboard subtext pinned onto a mostly straightforward extraction mission in South America, pretty much Taken with a faint whiff of something noxious in the air. Those tuned in to the eardrum-perforating frequency of QAnon, however, have heeded a clarion call that leads right to the multiplex.”

People on social media react with distaste when they read Bramesco’s movie review:

“It blows my mind that they’re trying to say human sex trafficking is a conspiracy theory. This gives Q more credibility than the MSM.” – Daily Trite

“I was not going to watch this, but if lefty media is this worked up about it, it must be important.” – Bourbon Moon

Bramesco himself seems to enjoy the heat he is taking. He brags about it on his Twitter.

Sadly, his hit piece renders Bramesco a very useful idiot for the trafficking industry. Right now Bramesco’s review is listed as search hit six on Google when the title of the movie is searched. That means the review has a negative impact on many people.

I am also questioning the editorial office at The Guardian that decided to publish the review. If I was the editor I would take into consideration the risk of quelling the much-needed public debate about child trafficking. We need this debate. People and decision-makers all over the world have to give full attention to this madness.

The Guardian on child trafficking
Screen dumps by @gelatomentos: The Guardian on child trafficking in 2018 and 2023.

We simply have no time to let a skeptic sweep aside the topic once again because it seems to happen over and over again as soon as child trafficking is on the table. It is constantly being ignored. Someone else can take care of that it seems.

Charles Bramesco should return to the

My best guess is that Charles Bramesco doesn’t have kids of his own and that is the reason he can call people who “believe” in child trafficking and the adrenochrome empire for conspiracy theorists.

So Bramesco should go back to his areas of expertise. This is how he explains those areas in his own words on Linkedin:

By T. Sassersson, founder and editor of NewsVoice


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