Iraqi in Sweden threatens another Iraqi in Sweden with hanging in Iraq

The Swedish government is now probably worried that Erdogan might change his mind and not let Sweden into NATO.

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publicerad 23 juli 2023
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Zainab Sattar Rustum. Foto: Salle
Zainab Sattar Rustum

“You will be extradited to Iran, to Iraq, they will hang you here, you will be beheaded, that’s what you will be. You little import”, Iraqi Zainab Sattar Rustum yells at Iraqi Salwan Momika outside the Iraqi embassy in Stockholm on July 20. Confusion ensues as Momika kicks a Koran.

Zainab Sattar Rustum is convicted of sexually blackmailing Kjell Jansson, a member of the Swedish parliament. In April, Rustum was sentenced to probation with community service. She has now threatened Salwan Momika with hanging and beheading for desecrating the Koran.

Salwan Momika skändar koranen, 20 juli 2023. Foto: NoMoreIslamInEU
Salwan Momika desecrating the Koran in Stockholm, Sweden, July 20, 2023. Photo: @NoMoreIslamInEU, Twitter

Zainab Sattar Rustum sparks debate

The incident has already attracted attention both in Sweden and abroad. It has also raised many questions about the nature of migration and why Iraqis attack Iraqis in Sweden. Many comments are difficult for anyone to answer, regardless of ethnicity.

NewsVoice quotes some of them from the free speech platform Twitter:

“Aren’t tattoos haram? Isn’t unrestrained existence in linen haram? That said: how much does she care about the Koran, really? Could be the riddle of the day.” – Victoria W Andersson

“She couldn’t even dress like that in Iraq or Iran” – Naderi

“This just makes me sad. If she had remained in her country of origin, she would never have been allowed to swing her ponytail freely, and she would never have been allowed to express herself freely” – Trassel

“Only if you break so much in Swedish can you shout that people should be expelled and hanged. I wonder if the batik lady had an awakening” – Tina Svensson

“But? I thought the demonstration was because they burned the Swedish Embassy in Baghdad?” – Iren S. Cilla

“Adapt to Swedish laws because you fled from a dictatorship for freedom. In Sweden, we have freedom, and that means things that also happen here. If you don’t like it, you should probably return to the country you like?” – Old grumpy guy

“Maybe it’s time for the Swedish government to condemn Iraq for allowing the burning of foreign embassies?” – Andreas Stenberg

The protests outside the Iraqi embassy in Stockholm come hours after the Swedish embassy in Baghdad was stormed and burned for Koran burning in Sweden.

The government wrote:

“Last night at 2 a.m. local time, violent demonstrators stormed the Swedish Embassy in Baghdad. The embassy office was captured, vandalized, and set on fire. There was a similar incident less than a month ago. “ – Tobias Billstrom (Swedish Foreign Minister) comments on the storming of the Swedish embassy in Baghdad

The Swedish government is probably worried that Erdogan might change his mind and not let Sweden into NATO (editor’s note).

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