Coup Attempt in Burkina Faso Probably Averted by Russian Intelligence

publicerad 29 september 2023
Captain Ibrahim Traoré's return on August 1, 2023 from the Russia Africa Summit 2023 in Russia.

“There has been a serious coup attempt in Burkina Faso. Reportedly, the coup plotters have been arrested. This is actually not the first time. This is Thomas Sankara scenario all over again, but with a transformational and revolutionary plot twist”, writes Joseph C. Okechukwu on “Xwitter”. 

Analysis by Joseph C. Okechukwu (, geopolitical commentator, Nigeria. NewsVoice somewhat shortened the story.

When Sankara sacked colonial France from his country back then in the eighties, he began implementing a lot of transformational agendas in the country and literally began restoring dignity to his countrymen and women.

He was hailed as a liberator, and he was. But as you know, for any African country to prosper in the same way that Libya prospered under Ghadaffi, that African country must stop the colonials from stealing its resources, which the colonials live off of (basically taking the breastmilk of their mouths).

Thomas Sankara did just that, and it didn’t go down well with France, so a coup was used to remove and kill Brother Sankara. That’s exactly what you see them trying to repeat. It’s from the old colonial playbook. But like I said, “old colonial playbook.”

Certain things in life really don’t age well. This is one of them. That’s why I talked about a new “plot twist” to the story. That twist is the Russian involvement in this new era of Freedom movement across the continent. If it weren’t for Russia, France would have removed and killed these Sahel brothers a long time ago. France has killer squads in nearly every French colony in Africa.

When you don’t do their bidding, they take you out. Gnassingbe Eyadema of Togo headed one of those squads for France, and that’s how he came to power after taking out another brother who wanted to set Togo free from the claws of colonial France.

And he stayed in power till his death, and now his son has taken over. I hear his son is much more liberal than his tyrannical dad. But that is the story. Read it up.

Wagnergruppen, 2023. Foto: Wagner PMC
Wagner Group in Africa, 2023. Photo: Wagner PMC

Russian Intelligence

So those Sahel brothers would’ve been gone but for Russia. How is Russia helping? It isn’t just the military posturing in the form of Wagner PMC fighters and other military assistance from Russia. The biggest game changer isintelligence.

Africa’s Intelligence framework is weak. And it has been made weak for a reason – so that Africa continues to stay under. That’s why a colonial could look an African leader in the face and tell him/her when they’d be kicked out of power, and it happened.

Today, especially in the Sahel, with Russia’s help, the Intelligence Framework of our people is receiving an incredible boost, and it’s showing. Burkina Faso isn’t the only place they’ve tried to remove its leader in the last few months through a coup. They’ve also tried in Mali. And that, too, failed!

Something good is happening. It means that what once worked so well for the French in Africa may not, after all, have the chance of succeeding anymore under this new dispensation of the widespread anti-colonial movement in Africa. And we have Russia to thank for it.

It was a big mistake for the West to underrate Russia through the Ukrainian war. But it was destined to happen that Africa May be free. We stand together as one Big, Strong, Formidable Family, shoulder to shoulder with our Sahel Brothers, as we pray for more colonial “Iroko Trees” to fall across Africa, because this is our moment.

Analysis by Joseph C. Okechukwu (, geopolitical commentator, Nigeria.

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