Is the Coup in Gabon Real or Fake?

Voices warn that the coup is fake and was initiated by French intelligence.

Torbjorn Sassersson is the founder and editor of a news and debate channel that started in 2011. Sassersson (bachelor of science) has worked within media since 1995.
publicerad 1 september 2023
- T. Sassersson
General Brice Oligui Ngueme, Gabon och president Emmanuel Macron
General Brice Oligui Ngueme, Gabon and president Emmanuel Macron.

On August 30, the coup against incumbent Gabonese President Ali Bongo was declared a success. A military junta read out a statement on state television saying ‘we are putting an end to this regime’. Another African country is liberating itself from colonial power France, most people believe, but voices warn that the coup may be faked and was initiated by French intelligence.

The junta cited the then government’s irresponsibility, unpredictability and potential to cause chaos throughout the country as some of the reasons why they had to step in to stop it. The military takeover was celebrated by thousands of citizens on the streets of the country during the day.

Officers led by coup general Brice Oligui Ngueme who call themselves the Committee on the Transition and Restoration of Institutions say they represent all the country’s military and security forces.

Ali Bongo is another extremely pro-French and pro-Western president who, along with the Ivory Coast president, pushed for military intervention in neighboring Niger, writes political commentator Joseph C. Okechukwu from Lagos. Okechukwu from Lagos, Nigeria.

The following day, it is revealed that the former president’s eldest son did not bring a number of large bags packed with banknotes. The information is of course unconfirmed by the outgoing president’s administration.

General Brice Oligui Ngueme – is he loyal to the people or to France?

General Brice Oligui Ngueme was appointed transitional leader. Ngueme is one of the most influential figures in Gabon today. He leads the Republican Guard of the Gabonese Presidency, the most powerful security unit in the country. Brice is the son of a military man. He was educated at the Royal Military Academy of Meknes in Morocco.

However, it remains to be seen whether Oligui Ngueme is truly loyal to the people of Gabon. Suspicions have been raised that Ngueme received a lightning order to immediately take over the government on behalf of France after Ali Bongo won the elections.

The coup came shortly after Gabon held a general election on Wednesday in which the electoral commission announced that President Ali Bongo had again secured a third term against his opponent, Albert Odo Osa.

The opposition has condemned the election results as fraudulent and argues that Mr. Odo Osa should have won if the election was conducted correctly. The suspicion is that France ordered its General Oligui Ngueme to take control of the country in a fake coup to stop the people from revolting against Bongo, who otherwise tried to install Odo Osa, an outspoken critic of France.

The future will tell whether Gabon remains pro-French or pro-Africa.

By T. Sassersson, editor and founder of

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