Debate: The False So-called “Peacekeeping” UN Forces of Congo-Kinshasa

publicerad 24 september 2023
FIB Tanzanian special forces during training, Sake, the 17th of July 2013. Photo: Sylvain Liechti for MONUSCO,
MONUSCO special forces during training.

Some weeks ago, 50 Africans were killed in D.R Congo – The Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), also known as Congo-Kinshasa, because they protested the presence of so-called peacekeeping UN forces in their country, Joseph. C. Okechukwu> explains.

By Joseph C. Okechukwu (, geopolitical commentator, Nigeria

They protested because they said the “peacekeeping” forces of the United Nations weren’t keeping any peace. Rather, they’re sucking out whatever peace the people had left in that battered, mineral-rich, multi-gifted African country.

Today, the government has summoned the courage to ask the forces known as MUNUSCO to leave Congo DR immediately! What great news! Makes you wonder what the UN and its forces have really been doing in Africa.

As I’ve written before, I witnessed with my eyes how France humiliated Laurent Gbagbo of Ivory Coast who was anti-France, to install the current pro-France Alassane Ouattara. They started by sending French soldiers to create a buffer between government forces and rebels. Yes, rebels!

ArcanumSkolan 2024

They protected the rebels and prevented the government forces from attacking the rebels because they created and unleashed those rebel forces. Then they later teamed with the rebels to attack the government of Gbagbo. And the whole world just moped on, silence everywhere. No word from international bodies. No word from the UN or anyone else.

And guess what? It was United Nations planes that were called in to bomb that government house and other strategic government and military infrastructure, to stone ages. The UN fought in that war on the side of France, and that really makes you wonder, right?

See, the UN is owned by the Unipolar world order and the gang of colonial powers who have run much of our world till this day. These are the puppet masters, the slave masters, the ones who took over Africa and enslaved it physically and later on psychologically.

So when they left physically and told us that slavery was over (which is a lie), and told us we now have independence (which is also a lie), what they did to continue to keep us in slavery psychologically was they created all these bodies like the UN, ICC, Interpol, and so on, to ensure that whenever anyone of their colonies or slaves get out of line, they send these attack dogs after you.

So, before you see UN forces anywhere in Africa, most likely, there’s a colonial interest that must be protected alongside the foreign army of those colonizing nations.

In Mali where they were kicked out, the accusation is the same. And the colonial force they helped was France. In Burkina Faso, it’s the same. In Niger, and pretty much anywhere else you find them, there’s some colonizer they’re providing cover for, as our African resources are being stolen and shipped to the west either for free or for Pennie’s.

Modus operandi

The Hegelian Dialectic comes in here – Problem, Reaction, Solution. How can a “peacekeeping” force show up if there’s no chaos that’ll enable them to restore “order out of chaos?” So, there has to be a problem first (manufactured), then there has to be an outcry for help, then there have to be the “peacekeepers” and the re-colonizing army on the ground (to provide the solution) which is never a solution.

To hear that they’re finally leaving the Democratic Republic of Congo is sweet music to my ears. It just seems as if a huge scale has fallen off the eyes of our people in Africa and I’m a strong believer in the fact that Africa is on its way out of slavery for good and that my generation will witness a freer, stronger and more independent and buoyant Africa.

Kudos to the authorities in the Democratic Republic of Congo. We the youths of Africa are proud of what you have done, and we will stand with you through this process.

By Joseph C. Okechukwu (, geopolitical commentator, Nigeria

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