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Dr. Robert Malone on the US government population control agenda

publicerad 13 september 2023
Dr Robert Malone, 27 sep 2023
Dr Robert Malone, 27 sep 2023.

Dr. Robert Malone comments on a declassified US government document showing population control policies and strategies while naming the people behind the agenda.

Dr. Robert Malone:

“DARPA is the operational arm of CIA for the development and deployment of technology. And DARPA is what pushed these genetic vaccines. The CIA is absolutely behind the advancement of these genetic vaccines.

And you might ask yourself why? Why was this done in a global sense? Why was this so rushed? We just published information about the Kissinger Report, which is US policy about depopulation. We absolutely have a depopulation agenda and strategy here in the United States, and we have had such since the mid-70s.

That whole storyline about depopulation is real. And paradoxically, there has been an established US policy that we will cap, you know, together with the World Health Organization, UN, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, etcetera, all the structures that we’re now familiar with, that we will cap global population at 8 billion.

That’s the target. It’s been the target since the mid-70s. We hit 7.8 billion at the beginning of 2020. Okay? I’m not saying that this was necessarily a depopulation agenda, and yet many of the things that were deployed were consistent with the public policy of the United States as it relates to population control.

That is undeniable. So I’m not drawing a direct correlation because I don’t have the receipts to see, to demonstrate that there were discussions within the government to take this policy or that policy in terms of, quote, public health to advance a depopulation agenda or a population control agenda.

What I do have receipts on is the demonstration and documentation that the US government has. as such an agenda. It was originally formulated by a gentleman that many of you be familiar with, Mr. Henry Kissinger, who happens to be the mentor of Klaus Schwab.

And this population agenda has absolutely been advanced by the World Economic Forum, which was created by the CIA. So let’s just be clear about what we’re dealing with here. When we think about who are the puppet masters, and who are the actors behind all of this, we have to look the brutal truth in the face that a lot of this comes directly from US government funding, policy, and actions.”

Watch the complete speech

The talk was held in July 2023, and organized by America’s Frontline Doctors.


Glen Jung, Bright Light Media:

Join us in Toronto on September 20th or by livestream as Dr. Malone presents crucial insights into the most significant mass propaganda campaign deployed during the COVID-19 era.

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