Russia has been provoked enough to put “Satan 2” on standby

publicerad 3 september 2023
Joseph Okechukwu
Jospeh C. Okechukwu, eget verk

COMMENTARY. Russia has now put its most powerful and dreadful Sarmat Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles on standby, ready for combat. Sarmat known and referred to as “Satan 2” in the West, is capable of carrying at least 10 nuclear warheads.

By Jospeh C. Okechukwu, geopolitical commentator based in Lagos, Nigeria

This is the much talked about missile that can reach virtually any state in the U.S. and is said to have the capacity to almost sink all of New York City or Texas in minutes. It is currently the most powerful intercontinental ballistic missile in the world. This is verifiable.

And now, Russia has been provoked enough to activate and put these destroyers on standby. So what happened?

The truth is, they [the West] are losing big in Africa, they don’t see any serious respite in the nearest future and they know Russia is largely to blame for their losses on the continent, especially in the Sahel region and to make matters worse, the much talked about Ukrainian counteroffensive isn’t going as planned.

Even Ukrainians themselves have admitted this fact. That’s why Ukrainians are starting to almost solely rely on Drone attacks on sensitive Russian locations inside Russia/Moscow. In the last few days alone, drone attacks in Russia have become so daring that if care is not taken, more sensitive, unbearable red lines could be crossed.

In fact, in one of the recent drone attacks, Russians even believe the drone attacks may have originated from Estonia, a former Soviet country now a NATO member state.

As it stands, if a NATO member state is confirmed to have allowed drone strikes on Russia from its territory, that’s a declaration of war on Russia by all of NATO and the U.S. and Russia has made it clear that its response to a NATO/western attack on its territory will be nuclear. Period!

They know this, but they keep crossing the so-called Russian “red lines.” Don’t forget the F-16 jets that Russia forbade them to send to Ukraine. Today, F-16s are heading to Ukraine. So, whatever makes Russia mad and brings it into a direct conflict with NATO/the West is welcomed. This is the plan.

At least, if ECOWAS isn’t acting in Africa if their military is caged and can’t do anything at the moment on the continent, the delays and inactivity will wear them out and eventually weaken their resolve, implying their loss on the continent is cast on the stone.

So, the best thing is to start something on the Russian axis so a nuclear war is activated, which ripple effect eventually trickles down to Africa and pretty much everywhere on earth – and then they can easily seize the opportunity to descend on Africa and attempt a military recolonization exercise.

Sadly, they can’t read the handwriting on the wall – whether a nuclear war breaks out or not, Africa’s freedom in this season is not negotiable. The people are more ready than the colonial West is willing to admit. For Mother Africa, it’s truly “Freedom-O-Clock!” And I don’t see anything or anyone changing this.


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