South Korea gives 25,000 USD in Compensation to Families of Covid Injection Victims

publicerad 20 september 2023
- Kristoffer Hell
Vaccination med mRNA-vaccin kan ge autoimmun sjukdom.
Photo: CDC,

South Korea approves an unconditional compensation of 25,000 USD for anyone whose family member died within 90 days of a COVID-19 injection.

It was on Wednesday, September 13, 2023, that elected officials in South Korea decided to raise the ceiling for condolence payments in the event of death after COVID-19 vaccination to 30 million Won.

The payments will be made regardless of whether any link to the injection of the COVID-19 vaccine has been established. The only condition is that the death must have occurred within 90 days of the vaccination.

The previous rule gave relatives up to 10 million Won, if the death occurred within 42 days of being injected with the vaccine.


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