US-Swedish Military Exercise with a Strategic Message to Russia

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publicerad 14 september 2023
- Torbjörn Sassersson red.
Amerikanska och svenska soldater samövar. I bild th Generalmajor Robert B. Sofge. Foto: Torbjörn Sassersson,
American and Swedish soldiers exercise together during Archipelago Endeavor 23. To the right: Major General Robert B. Sofge.

NewsVoice reports from Archipelago Endeavor 23, a joint exercise between the 2nd Amphibious Battalion and elements of the USMC II Marine Expeditionary Force. The exercise is also a strategic marker against Russia, says Colonel Adam Camél.

The exercise Archipelago Endeavor 23 is taking place over a ten-day period and consists of bilateral company units practising to increase the capacity to operate in the Swedish archipelago environment, according to the Swedish Armed Forces. The exercise takes place at sea and on islands near Stockholm.

(Correction: Adam Camél is a colonel, not a lieutenant colonel, as stated in the video.)

The American soldiers say that the combat environment in the Stockholm archipelago is completely different from the environments in the United States in which they normally train. The exercises will therefore familiarize the soldiers with the environment to be able to coordinate their combat forces together with Swedish units. The goal is better resistance to an imagined enemy from the east.

“The Stockholm archipelago is no longer a completely unknown environment for our American colleagues from the USMC and the cooperation is very integrated. One of the new elements this year has been that an American unit has tactically supplied Swedish helicopters with logistics,” says Lieutenant Colonel Marcus Appelgren, exercise leader AE23 and commander of the Second Amphibious Battalion.

Text and video report: T. Sassersson

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