Analysis: West to Fight Terrorists Defending African Countries Against Western Terrorists

Torbjorn Sassersson is the founder of a news and debate channel that started in 2011. Sassersson (bachelor of science) has worked within media since 1995.
publicerad 12 september 2023
- T. Sassersson
Trupper från Burkian Faso flyger till Niger, 7 sep 2023.
Troops from Burkian Faso fly to Niger, 7 Sep 2023.

NewsVoice recently reported that Russian intelligence has accused the US of planning to eliminate the Nigerian junta’s leader. In recent days, army units from Burkina Faso were flown into Niger to protect the country from terrorists. What is really happening behind the media headlines?

Units from Burkina Faso’s army arrived in Niger under a partnership between the two countries to train and develop the capacity of the two countries’ forces in the area of counter-terrorism.

The Military Council of Niger said that the deployment of Burkina Faso army units in Niger is not aimed at the ECOWAS group.

Meanwhile, Russian intelligence warns that the US is planning to assassinate the junta leadership in Niger.

Kasum Coulibaly, Burkina Faso’s defense minister,states that the transportation of military forces to Niger is to strengthen the fight against terrorism, adding that Niger’s security is closely linked to Burkina Faso’s security, comments Joseph C. Okechukwu.

At the same time, France and the United States are mobilizing their forces to fight terrorists as well.

”Over the weekend, Niger accused France of amassing military forces in several West African countries, as relations between Niamey and Paris plunge further into the abyss. ” – The Africa Report

On September 10, French President Emmanuel Macron told the G20 meeting in India that he has rejected the junta’s demand to withdraw troops from Niger.

On September 6, 2023, the UK government presented a bill to label the Russian private military company Wagner Group as a terrorist organization.

The bill is scheduled to be debated this week and if passed, Wagner could become a target of Western counter-terrorism efforts, but Wagner has been hired by the same African states whose junta leaders are trying to break free from the violence of France and the US.

With Niger, Burkina Faso and Mali also strengthening their respective militaries to fight terrorists financed by France and the US, everyone can understand that the war will consist of the Africans actually fighting the US and French terrorist forces while France and the US fight the junta leaders and the Wagner group in the African states.

The war is thus between a Western alliance that wants to regain control of ”its” colonies and the same African states that are trying to free themselves from the colonizers.

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