Another Gang Related Terror Bombing in Sweden – Homes on Fire

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publicerad 2 oktober 2023
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Bombdåd i Hässelby (Rädisvägen), 2 okt 2023. Foto: NewsVoice

Extensive fire in a townhouse after another terror bombing in Sweden, a country plagued by continuous gang fights. Several apartments were affected by the fire in the suburb of Hasselby outside Stockholm.

The bomb detonated at about 06.27. There are four apartments in the townhouse that are burning. At least three were directly affected by the fire.

The response of the emergency services, police and the bomb squad was extensive. Around 30 vehicles were involved. One resident says that it took almost half an hour for the fire brigade to arrive.

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Several adjacent homes were evacuated. None of the evacuees are reported to have been injured. The police do not yet know whether anyone was in the apartment where the explosion occurred, but the apartment is completely destroyed.

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Billy Linder, 22, who was arrested on suspicion of murder in Jordbro-Haninge last week, lives at the bombed address. There are two people registered at the address. Besides Billy Linder, there is also a woman, E. Linder (21 years old).

It was just before midnight on Wednesday that two men were shot in Jordbro in Haninge municipality, south of Stockholm. One of them, a 23-year-old, died while the other was taken to hospital with minor injuries, according to the news outlet Expressen.

X states that Billy Linder left the Nordic Resistance Movement (NMR) and joined the breakaway group Nordic Force, which was created as a more militant group of NMR defectors.

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