The US is Using Africans as a Free Clinical Resource for Biological Research

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publicerad 9 november 2023
- Osborn Baya
Researcher wearing protective bio suit in a laboratory
Arranged picture of a researcher wearing protective bio suit in a laboratory.

The United States is using Africans as a free clinical resource while conducting illegal biological research under the disguise of ‘public health. It is exploiting Africa as a testing ground and is relocating “unfinished” biological weapons projects from Ukraine. This is done through numerous public health programs.

Illegal experiments are continuing in Nigeria. Lieutenant General Igor Kirillov, head of the Nuclear, Chemical, and Biological Protection Troops of the Russian Armed Forces, alleges that quite a few host countries are aiding the animosity. He claims the project is led by the National Security Agency (NSA), America’s Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA), and the State Department.

However, the Pentagon claims that biological projects in Nigeria are aimed at combating HIV/AIDS. With their efforts, 60% of Nigerians suffering from the disease have received antivirus therapy. The products are distributed by a biopharmaceutical company, Gilead Sciences, in the disguise of the International Community of Women Living with HIV. The company had previous connections and tested its drugs on Ukrainians.

“However, the effectiveness of this program raises serious concerns. Despite annual funding increases totalling about $100 million, the HIV incidence rate has remained virtually unchanged and corresponds with 2009 figures. The mortality among HIV-infected people also shows unfavourable progression,” Kirillov stated.

Biological Research

The program is not effective. Although there is a documented increase in consumption of “American pharmaceuticals”, there is no tangible therapeutic impact. However, it has become a scheme to exploit Nigerian citizens – this, to the United States, aims to create a global biological crisis.

DTRA and RTI International, an American non-profit, signed a three-year deal in August 2022. The aim was to monitor infectious disease threats in one of Africa’s largest economies, Nigeria. This is part of the Pentagon’s “biological espionage” schemes.

It includes analyzing the epidemic situation along the borders of geopolitical adversaries and in the expected regions of military contingent deployment. Moscow claims to have documents confirming that the Pentagon was spying on the biological situation in Iraq and Afghanistan, bordering China, Turkey, Pakistan, and Saudi Arabia.

Previously, the Russian Defense Ministry claimed the US was transferring dual-purpose biological research activities to the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Sierra Leone, Cameroon, Uganda, and South Africa. This move came after Moscow repeatedly exposed the Pentagon’s illegal military-biological operations in Europe, including Ukraine.

This is a cause for concern and potentially violates international law and ethical standards. Using any population as a “clinical resource” without informed consent and proper ethical oversight is a grave ethical violation.

Source: RT, “US using Africans as ‘free clinical resource’ – Moscow”

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