Laura Matsue: You Can’t Wake up Unconscious People – It’s a Phase of Their Soul Development

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publicerad 9 november 2023
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Laura Matsue

Laura Matsue is often asked how to awaken unconscious people. According to her philosophy of life, herd mentality is a phase in their spiritual development. They cannot be forced to realize how the world really works and they want to stick to the consensus of the collective until they choose to change.

Laura Matsue explains:

How can I wake up my friends and family? So I’m going to answer this question that I get all the time, and it’s an answer that sometimes people don’t like to hear, but I’m going to explain why I think it’s true.

So in evolutionary astrology, way back in the 90s, when a guy named Jeffrey Wolfgreen founded this type of astrology, which is a type of astrology that I practice, he stated that 70% of the population lives in a consensus state, which is basically a herd mentality.

So these are the literal NPCs* of the world. They don’t form independent thought. When they want to know what their opinions are on certain topics, they just look to the external world. So these kinds of people will tend to get the most offended when you present them with certain views that go outside of their paradigm because their beliefs actually represent unconscious security needs.

So they unconsciously gain security in trusting the mainstream media, celebrities, the experts, the government. They basically can’t really think for themselves, so they seek security and are outsourcing their opinions to the outside world.

Moving from this consensus herd mentality to the next stage, which is an individuated state, is actually often a traumatic process, because instead of trusting the external world like you always have, the government, the authorities, you actually have to learn how to trust self as an inner guidance system instead.

And in order to do that, you actually have to decondition and undo a lot of what you thought was true about yourself and the world in the process. So this is a really alienating and lonely process by design because in order to discover who you are, you actually have to separate from the herd, to begin with.

And the thing is, you can’t actually force people out of this state. It has to come from an inner calling. So it has to come from them realizing that there is something different inside of them that can’t be explained by the expert, science, celebrities, or government.

And in my view, it really takes a certain ripeness of the soul to even want to go down that path because it’s not easy. Most people will actually refuse the call of their individuation again and again because their unconscious security needs to stay in the unknown, the known rather, of the consensus is so strong.

So you don’t want to hate them for that. It’s actually a necessary stage in their own soul’s development. And this is why trying to wake up family, friends, and others in general is almost always a failed project.

And really how I feel about it, the best thing you can do in these times is focus on your own soul evolution and find something unique about you that you can bring back to the world. And the reason why I’m saying that is because it is the most highly individuated and spiritualized people who actually create the next consensus.

And they don’t do this by forcefully trying to wake up the people who are asleep. They do this by bringing back their true essence, their true nature, and their soul gifts back to the consensus, where they can uplift, inspire, and show people there’s a different way to be.

The text is extracted from a video. Source: Laura Matsue on X.

* A non-player character (NPC) is a character that is controlled by the player in a role-playing game or not controlled by a human in a computer game. In computer games, it is the game’s programming that determines how the characters behave.

Laura Matsue ( works with astrology, somatic therapeutic practices, meditation and esotericism to help people live in alignment with their greatest potential. Matsue has the Cosmic Matrix Podcast with her husband Bernhard Guenther.

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