Only 2% in the US Have Taken the New Covid Shots and 24% Know Someone Who Died from Them

Rasmussen Report: "Killer Jab? 24% Say Someone They Know Died From COVID-19 Vaccine"

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publicerad 15 november 2023
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Interest in taking new Covid-19 shots of the controversial gene therapy vaccines against Covid-19 is extremely low in the US, and one in four Americans say they know someone who has died from the injections, which are also approved for infants.

One in four Americans say they know someone who died from a covid injection

Almost a quarter of Americans believe they know someone who has died from side effects of the so-called Covid-19 vaccines. According to the Epoch Times, even more say they would consider becoming a plaintiff in a class action lawsuit against vaccine manufacturers.

The newspaper refers to a report by Rasmussen Reports, a polling firm, which chose the headline: “Killer Jab? 24% Say Someone They Know Died From Covid-19 Vaccine”.

A recent survey found that about a quarter of Americans believe someone they knew died from Covid-19 vaccines. In contrast, another recent survey found that many Americans are increasingly wary of allowing themselves to be injected further.

69 % said they do not know anyone who died from the vaccine.

About half of Americans, or 47 %, said they know someone who died from the Covid-19 disease, while 49 % said they don’t know anyone who died from the disease, according to the Rasmussen Report.

Only 2 % of Americans have taken the new covid vaccine approved for infants

About 2 % of all Americans have received the updated covid booster after it was approved and recommended by federal health officials, according to data from the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).

Only 7 million Americans have taken the updated injection, which is approved for people six months and older.

According to the HHS, Covid-19 vaccine distribution has shifted to the private market, adding that the HHS is helping manufacturers and distributors ensure that the injections reach those who want them.

42% say they would consider joining a class action lawsuit against drug companies for vaccine side effects, and 24% say they are “very likely” to join such a lawsuit.

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  • Jag tror vi med mycket stor säkerhet idag kan säga att mRNA ”vaccinet” skapades och spriddes avsiktligt av Pfizer och USAs BigPharma as a ”money spinner”, och mänskliga rättigheter avsiktligt och kallt ignorerades. Kina utvecklade egna vacciner baserade på traditionella metoder, använde klassisk Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), kända existerande och beprövade medel som hydroxychloroquine och ivermectine, och inte ett enda problem har uppstått

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