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Post Covid Vax Trend: Birth Rates in Sweden Dropping Significantly

publicerad 23 december 2023
Probiotika för spädbarn. Foto: The Honest Company. Licens:

Birth Rates in Sweden are dropping Significantly and the numbers coincide exactly with the time when the gene-based substances in the covid vaccines were administrated, physicians in Sweden warn.

By The Doctors’ Appeal, #BirthRates

At the risk of spoiling the Christmas spirit, we would like to remind you that in many countries, Christmas is above all a celebration of young children, but that this may change within a decade, simply because too few children are being born.

From January 2022 through October 2023, for 22 consecutive months, the number of newborn babies in Sweden per 100 000 women aged 18-45 years, compared to the trend of the previous 10 years, has decreased very significantly in every single month.

Moreover, the decrease has accelerated, reaching 8.6% in 2022 and 12.3% for the period January-October 2023 (as far as officially published statistics are available).

Ssweden's birthrates 2021-2023
Sweden’s birthrates 2021-2023

When converted to the number of newborn babies in 2022-2023 (for 2023 we have made an estimate based on the January-October 2023 data), almost 25 000 fewer children than expected will celebrate Christmas in the coming years.

COVID-19 vaccination of the childbearing population started in Sweden in May 2021, coinciding exactly with the time when these gene-based substances could reduce childbearing.

Are we facing a major change? In the future, for a large proportion of the world’s countries, will Christmas no longer be the celebration of young children? Will it be any children’s holiday at all? Will there be a single child left for Santa Claus to give presents to?

By The Doctors’ Appeal

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