China and Nicaragua Build a Strategic Partnership

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publicerad 21 december 2023
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Xi Jinping och Daniel Ortega. Foto:
Xi Jinping and Daniel Ortega

Chinese President Xi Jinping announced on Wednesday that he wants to work with Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega to promote bilateral ties and a strategic partnership between the two countries.

In a telephone conversation with Daniel Ortega, Xi Jinping also said that he is willing to set an example of solidarity, cooperation and mutual benefit together with the Nicaraguan leader, according to Nicaragua’s La Pensa and Tianshannet, a Chinese channel in Xinjiang.

China wants to support Nicaragua in protecting its national independence and national dignity and Xi added that China also supports Nicaragua in rejecting external interference. China wants to protect Nicaragua in international affairs and safeguard its legitimate rights and interests.

Xi is most likely referring to Washington (editor’s comment).

“China stands ready to work with Nicaragua to oppose hegemonism and power politics, and promote the development of a more just and rational international order,” Xi said, according to Tianshannet.

Daniel Ortega pointed out that China’s remarkable achievements have contributed to world peace and given hope to the world through China’s support to developing countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America, improving the welfare status of the regions.

Nicaragua and China agree that global cooperation initiatives such as the Belt and Road Initiative are the future for many people and countries.

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