The Fact Checking of Seth Dillon’s The Babylon Bee is More Fun than Their Jokes

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publicerad 19 december 2023
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Seth Dillon founded The Babylon Bee
Seth Dillon founded The Babylon Bee.

As the head of the Babylon Bee, Seth Dillon makes up more news than anyone in America. It’s not “Fake News” though, it’s satire. And he does it brilliantly.

Interestingly, many of his parody stories have wound up coming true. It’s happened nearly a hundred times. We’ve grown accustomed to our news being so outrageous that it seems fake, but every once in a while it’s worth taking a step back and reflecting upon the absurdity of some of the stories we’re presented with each day.

Seth Dillon, who may one day be remembered as America’s great prophet, joined The Tucker Carlson Encounter to give his take on the preposterous nature of today’s news. Click the image below to watch, no sign-up or login required.

Tucker Carlson

So when you see the news story that confirms what you thought was a pretty out there joke, what’s your reaction?”

Seth Dillon

I mean, we’re getting accustomed to it at this point. But I think it’s probably the most common misconception people have is that when the world goes really wild and insane and there’s crazy stuff happening that it’s easy to satirize, that it’s easy to make fun of it. And it’s actually the opposite.

The way that I put it, is imagine if your job is to write jokes that are funnier than what Democrats are doing in real life. Imagine if your job is to write jokes that are funnier than a Kamala Harris speech. It’s challenging. It’s actually very challenging.”

The fact that it got fact-checked is funnier than the joke itself. So I had spoken with you about this one before. “CNN purchasing an industrial-sized washing machine to spin the news before publishing it.” That’s a ridiculous joke. It’s silly. It’s a CNN bias joke. And that got fact-checked and rated false.”

By Tucker Carlson (on X), quotes from the video

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