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Sweden Takes Steps to Introduce Security Zones to Stop Gang Violence and Terror Bombings

publicerad 15 december 2023
Poliser vid Kungsträdgården. Tusenmannamarschen 6 mars 2021. Foto: T. Sassersson, NewsVoice
Swedish police, March 6, 2021

An inquiry has been commissioned to investigate the issue of search zones. In its memorandum, the inquiry proposes that such a system be introduced as soon as possible. The aim is to give the police more effective tools to prevent explosions and shootings and to safeguard the public.

“The government’s plan to curb serious organized crime remains unchanged: we will crack down on serious violence, curb the criminal economy and stop the recruitment of children and young people. A crucial part of this is giving the police new effective tools.

Visitation zones have been a useful tool in Denmark to cool down conflicts, such as breaking cycles of violence and preventing retaliation. This is also something that has been requested by the Swedish Police Authority for many years”, says Minister of Justice Gunnar Strömmer.

In light of the serious development of violence, the investigator Karin Erlingsson was commissioned to investigate and submit proposals on how a system of time-limited and geographically defined search zones can be introduced in Sweden. The investigation was to take into account the similar tools available to the Danish police since 2004.

The memorandum proposes introducing rules in the Police Act on a system of so-called security zones, which according to the investigator is a more accurate term than search zones.

The system means, among other things, that the police should be allowed to introduce a security zone in a certain area where there is a tangible risk of criminal activity involving shooting or blasting.

In the security zone, it is proposed that the police be given extended powers to search persons and means of transport for weapons or other dangerous objects to the extent necessary for the zone.

Security zones are proposed to be surrounded by several legal safeguards. A decision to introduce a security zone will be valid for a maximum of two weeks, it will be possible to appeal and a search will be recorded.

“Due to the serious situation with serious organized crime, the government will work to ensure that the proposals are in place as early as March next year. We will now send the proposals for consultation with a shortened consultation period.

I hope for close cooperation between the government and all relevant actors so that this can be in place according to plan”, says Minister of Justice Gunnar Strömmer.

According to the investigator, the proposal should enter into force as soon as possible.

By Erica Wide, secretary to Minister of Justice, Justice Gunnar Strömmer, Government of Sweden

Source: Safety zones – increased possibilities for police searches to prevent crime (



Gang related terror bombing in Hasselby, Stockholm, October, 2023:

Bombdåd i Hässelby (Rädisvägen), 2 okt 2023. Foto: NewsVoice
Bombdåd i Hässelby (Rädisvägen), 2 okt 2023. Foto: NewsVoice


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