Mayor of Kyiv Says Zelensky is Losing Popularity in Ukraine – Comment

publicerad 6 december 2023
Joseph Okechukwu
Joseph Okechukwu, own work

The mayor of Kyiv attacks Zelensky and says he’s losing popularity because of his mistakes. But there’s more.

By J. C. Okechukwu

His words:

“Volodymyr Zelensky’s popularity is falling and he will pay for his mistakes by eventually losing power,” the mayor of Kyiv Vitali Klitschko has said.

In a startling rebuke of Ukraine’s president, Mr Klitschko told two interviewers that he considered Mr Zelensky to be increasingly isolated and autocratic.

“People see who’s effective and who’s not. And there were and still are a lot of expectations. Zelensky is paying for mistakes he has made,” he said in an interview with the Swiss news website 20 Minutes.

Obviously, they’re about to “evacuate” Zelee, after wasting hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian lives in the most senseless war of this century. I have never minced words in calling this war a gigantic globalist orgy of human sacrifice. And that’s what it has turned out to be now.

In fact, we hear that against Zelensky and Biden’s orders, Ukrainians are secretly seeking a peace deal with Russia at the front as all that Ukraine does these days is sacrifice their soldiers or just lose them in multiple cases of desertion or surrender to Russia.

No more free money from America or the West. This peace was supposed to be struck in the early days of the war. Russia pushed so hard for it and hoped it’d come through. But Boris Johnson reportedly “pulled Zelensky by the ear” and warned him not to sign any peace deal with Russia, and asked Ukraine to fight on. Look it up.

High-ranking Ukrainian officials are now confessing. I reported on it when it happened. Thousands of wasted innocent lives later, Johnson has quietly left power and Ukrainians will now have to deal with the double tragedy of the loss of their finest fighting force and the humiliating loss on the battlefield.

I hope that all those who cheered Zelensky on can see where their cheers have gotten him – a sorely broken and incredibly unpopular, isolated, abandoned, used, and about-to-be-discarded stooge of the West.

The Zelensky phenomenon should be taught as a history lesson in schools – where you learn how not to be a brainless and patently unpatriotic tool of your own enemy.

By J. C. Okechukwu

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