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China Celebrates Successful Stabilization and Muslim Integration in Xinjiang

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publicerad 16 februari 2024
- News@NewsVoice
Människor i Xinjiang. Foto: Liuguang Xi
People in Xinjiang.

Just in time for the opening of the Year of the Dragon on the Chinese calendar on 10 February 2024, Beijing has managed to stabilize the political situation in its northwestern province of Xinjiang, according to Global Times.

Xinjiang is almost four times the size of Sweden and its first historically known administrator was the Han Dynasty, beginning just before the birth of Christ. The province has since been dominated by China.

The problems began with the Muslim expansion that swept across much of the Eurasian continent after the year 632 when the Prophet Mohammed left the earth.

In recent decades, Beijing has lived under the threat of terrorist attacks by the Islamic State (IS) and al-Qaeda-backed group ETIM: East Turkistan Islamic Movement.

While Washington has been torturing suspected Islamic terrorists in secret CIA prisons around the world after 9/11, China passed a law in 2014 allowing the integration of poor, illiterate Muslims with no prospects of becoming productive members of society instead of being radicalized by foreign interests into militant jihadists.

Islam was imposed on ethnic groups through religious wars and the ruling class also, historically the Uyghurs were enslaved by the Turks, according to a Chinese White Paper.


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Xinjiang i Kina. Google Maps
Xinjiang in China. Google Maps

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