Dmitry Medvedev: Russia Does Not Want a War with NATO nor EU, but…


publicerad 8 februari 2024
Dmitrij Medvedev
Dmitrij Medvedev

Sunak, Scholz, Macron, Norwegen, Finnish, Polish, and other NATO bosses are harping on, “We must be ready for war against Russia.” Even though Russia has many times underscored that conflict with NATO and EU member states was not in the plans, the dangerous babbling is still going on. The reasons are obvious.

This text was extracted on February 7, from Medvedev’s X-account, @MedvedevRussiaE. Medvedev (1965-) was a former deputy chairman of the Security Council of Russia in 2020, president of Russia 2008-2012 and prime minister of Russia 2012-2020

By Dmitry Medvedev

It is necessary to distract voters to justify multi-billion spending on the bothersome Bandera Ukraine. Indeed, gigantic sums of money are being spent not on solving social tasks, but on war in a dying country alien to taxpayers, with a population that is scattered across Europe and is now terrorizing its people.

This is why the heads of these states are emphasizing it on a daily basis: it is imperative to get ready for war against Russia and keep providing aid to Ukraine, which is why it is necessary to produce more tanks, missiles, drones and other weapons.

But not all the European bosses are cynically lying to their citizens. If – God forbid! – If such a war breaks out, it won’t go according to the Special Military Operation scenario. It won’t be fought in trenches using artillery, armoured vehicles, drones and EW.

NATO is a huge military bloc, the total population of the Alliance member states is about 1 billion people, and their combined military budget can get as high as $1,5 trillion.

So, because our military capabilities are thus incomparable, we will simply be left with no choice. The response will be asymmetrical.

To defend our country’s territorial integrity, ballistic and cruise missiles carrying special warheads will be put to use. It is based on our *military doctrine documents and is well known to all. And this is exactly that very Apocalypse. The end to everything.

This is why Western politicians must be telling the bitter truth to their voters, and stop taking them for brainless morons; to explain to them, what will really happen, and not to play the false mantra of getting ready for war against Russia over and over again.


By Dmitry Medvedev, @MedvedevRussiaE


*Russia’s nuclear doctrine

Scenarios where Russia reserves the right to use nuclear weapons can be decided if:

  • Russia is attacked with ballistic missiles,
  • Russia is attacked with nuclear weapons,
  • Russia’s nuclear arsenal is attacked, or
  • an attack with conventional weapons that threatens the existence of the Russian state.

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