Scott Ritter: Tucker Carlson’s Putin Interview Could be a Step Towards Peace Between East and West

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publicerad 9 februari 2024
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Scott Ritter, 2023. Källa: Patrick Lancaster Uncensored
Scott Ritter, 2023

Former weapons inspector and Marine Corps Major Scott Ritter comments on Tucker Carlson’s Putin interview in Moscow. He says the interview now needs to be widely disseminated and it can be: “that most important first step on a journey that can save humanity”.

Scott Ritter refers to the West trying to provoke a large-scale war against Russia.

He says the interview was probably not what many people expected. The quality of the interview is a result of the Tucker Carlson brand and his persistence, sincerity and professionalism. It was his reputation that got him into the Kremlin, the administrative heart of Russia.

Ritter also gives credit to the Russian President for being willing to accept the interview.

Tucker Carlson is no Russian expert or historian. Nor is he familiar with the complexities of Russian life, notes Scott Ritter, but Carlson was still the right man in the right place.

Putin interview builds a map for Westerners

Vladimir Putin knows Russian history and he understands the Russian soul. That may be why the entire first hour of the two-hour interview was devoted to Russian history.

“If you don’t understand Russian history and don’t understand the Russian soul, then you’re basically on a journey without a map and I think that’s the value of this interview because Tucker Carlson doesn’t have a map. However, Tucker Carlson had the courage to start the journey”.

The interview started to build this map for us Westerners, says Scott Ritter.

‘You have to understand this if you want to understand the issues facing Russia and the West today.’ Vladimir Putin put the facts into a context that was easily accessible to an American audience, says Ritter, and that is the value of this interview.

A popular peace process

Tucker Carlson opened a door to today’s Russia. “Here are the building blocks necessary for any individual willing to take the time and effort to learn more about Russia, how Russia as a nation got into this situation, and how Russia interacts with the West,” explains Scott Ritter.

Carlson’s interview is a solid foundation on which we can begin to move forward. It is the beginning of a process. This is his genius, his ability to communicate with Americans,” says Ritter, who hopes Carlson will continue to talk about the interview with his huge audience.

We don’t know how many millions of people have watched this interview or how many millions of people who will eventually watch this interview. But what we do know is that this is one of the most important interviews of the modern era, because this interview has the ability to stop the West and Russia from going to war, to stop the West from committing suicide.”

“All of the answers to all of the problems that face Russia in the West today were laid out by the Russian president. There’s no hidden agenda. There’s no, you know, secret code that has to be known. You just have to know Russia.”

“You have to understand the thinking behind the Russian president’s decisions, the motives behind Russia. You have to understand Russia.”

“Tucker Carlson’s one hell of a journalist. And Tucker Carlson knows that he was given a toolbox complete with tools.”

Scott Ritter says the Putin interview could be the first step on a journey that could save us all from a major war with Russia.

The interview has as of this moment (17:00, February 9, 2024) received 120 million views on Tucker Carlson’s X channel alone, but it has already been downloaded and republished on the web millions more times.


William Scott Ritter Jr. (1961-) is an author, international relations analyst, former US Marine Corps intelligence officer, and weapons inspector for the United Nations Special Commission (UNSCOM).


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