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Zelensky is Losing the War Against Russia – At Least 381.000 Dead


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publicerad 27 februari 2024
- News@NewsVoice
February 25, 2024: Zelensky is losing the war against Russia. Image:
February 25, 2024: Zelensky is losing the war against Russia.

So finally, after hundreds of thousands of lives lost, Ukraine still lost the war as I had predicted from the get-go? What manner of humans are these guys in Europe?

NATO sanctioned Russia, banned Russian goods and services, cancelled Russian citizens, seized Russian assets, illegally held onto Russian money running into billions of dollars, and completely yanked Russian media from their platforms to deny them a voice on the world stage. Yet, they lost.

Will they humble themselves now and accept defeat or are they gonna continue lying, bluffing and gaslighting to mask their historic shame of this monumental loss?

The other day, I heard utterly incoherent and absent-minded Zelensky claiming that about 31,000 Ukrainian soldiers have been killed so far and I could not but wonder what manner of skilled liars these guys are.

A little over a year ago, the EU Chief, Ursula von der Leyen admitted on camera that more than 100,000 Ukrainian soldiers have lost their lives in the brutal and senseless war. Even at that, we knew she was lying because there were more verifiable figures that implied the number was nearly double her concocted figure at that time.

Yet, days after the admission, they quickly edited that half-truth from her speech because even the half-truth was too haunting to remain. Imagine how devastating the full truth would be to the European population.

Actually, according to many independently verified data, about 381,000 plus Ukrainian soldiers have lost their lives in this horrific and useless war. I guess Zelensky was trying to calculate the tithing value (10%) but is probably very bad with maths, unsurprisingly.

Widows, orphans, refugees, homeless, helpless and hopeless citizens are now the Zelensky/NATO legacy that the mainstream media is celebrating. And you think these people are normal? No they’re not!

May God help Africa to put its house together and rise above these peoples’ geopolitical bewitchment and diabolic sociocultural entanglements. We can be and do better!


By J. C. Okechukwu


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