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Redacted: The Baltimore Bridge Collapse is Just the Start of Something

Analysis and speculation

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publicerad 28 mars 2024
- News@NewsVoice
Redacted on the Baltimore bridge collapse

Media is ignoring the inconsistencies surrounding the Baltimore Bridge collapse after a container ship hit the bridge on March 26, Redacted hosts points out.

Lara Logan comments on the event. Clayton Morris at Redacted says Logan has inside sources claiming the incident was a cyber attack.

The event is not just a bridge collapsing with some negative effects on the traffic. It has far-reaching consequences on the economy and supply chains.

According to sources, 4,900 trucks carry $28 billion daily. The disruption will impact the transportation of goods, particularly hazardous materials like diesel fuel. The chain of the following events may even drive up inflation. The car industry will have to hit the brakes.

Source: Redacted, March 28, 2024

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