Pepe Escobar’s sources: Russia Shot Down Israeli Fighter Jet on a Mission to Nuke Iran

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publicerad 26 april 2024
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F-35A and Pepe Escobar
A F-35A fighter jet and Pepe Escobar.

Why was Irsaels counterattack on Iran so weak? The answer may have been leaked to the independent journalist Pepe Escobar columnist at The Cradle. In a series of tweets, Escobar reveals Israel’s alleged plan to take out Iran’s electronic and communication networks with a nuclear EMP blast on April 19.

This story is too eye-catching not to be published, even though we at NewsVoice only have Escobar’s track record as a trustworthy journalist and no direct contact with his sources.

Pepe Escobar (1954-) is a Brazilian journalist and geopolitical analyst. He is a columnist at The Cradle and Asia Times where he regularly writes about geopolitics in the Middle East and Central Asia. He has reported from Afghanistan and Pakistan, writing about Osama bin Laden before 9/11 and interviewing Afghan leader Ahmad Shah Massoud, according to Wikipedia. Escobar has been living in Asia for the last decades.

The Israeli response to Iran’s drone attacks on April 14 came five days later on April 19. Explosions were heard over Iran. The response was deemed futile, but according to Pepe Escobar’s sources, Israel’s revenge attack was planned to be massive.

The first drop of alleged leaked information was tweeted on April 20 by Escoar who refers to “a very high-level intel source” from Asia but not from Russia or China.


“Israel initially chose to respond with extreme force. An F-35 loaded with a nuclear bomb was sent east over Jordan.

The mission: cause a high-altitude detonation over Iran that would provoke a surge in the high-capacity power lines, crippling Iran’s electric grid, as well as disabling all electronic devices. An EMP attack.”

“As the Israeli F-35 was leaving Jordanian airspace it was shot down by the Russian Air Force. Hence the publicised version of the Israeli counter response was such a travesty. In the end, all sides decided not to publicise the real news – to de-escalate what could well turn into WWIII.”

The chilling revelation was followed by another additional tweet on April 21 after some people expressed their doubts about the accuracy (extract):

“I am just a messenger of an extremely explosive intel leak relayed by an unimpeachable source. An Asian source – that’s all I can reveal.”

The next tweet on the same day goes (extracts):

“I now have TWO separate, definitive confirmations from TWO ultra high-level intel sources from TWO separate Asian nations. Working to get a third – at least a partial acknowledgement.”

“I moved to Asia 30 years ago. Built an unparalleled network.”

“The original source that led to my first post reconfirmed he stands by it. His words:

–I’m honestly surprised that people are surprised. Do they really think if something like this happened it’s gonna be presented to them in front of their TVs? It’s like history has taught them nothing.”

In a final update Pepe Escobar tweets (extracts) writes:

“It’s now fully established that The Information was confirmed independently by the intel of a Big Power. The Information was NOT relayed by Russia. It then reached a third nation – and from that to me.”

Escobar goes on with some arguments to ensure the accuracy of the intel and at the end of the final tweet he writes:

“The source that contacted me notes that “sometimes, after news has entered the media space, there is no choice but not to provide clarification.” Additionally, a senior Russian diplomat who does not know”.

“One unanswered question for me is: Why did the Big Power source relay The Information to an intel agency from another nation?

I tend to believe this was to erase its tracks in the chain. Particularly because my initial source has now revealed that the Big Power gained their intelligence firsthand – and that it was not transmitted to them by the Russians, Iranians or other direct parties to the hot war in West Asia.”

“I published raw intel the way I received it. It’s up to a wider audience to judge whether – and how – The Information connects with new developments occurring at breakneck speed, and part of a New Paradigm.”

If this is true it makes sense that Iran decided to downplay Israel’s revenge and not to retaliate since the Russians saved Iran from a nuclear disaster. Pepe Escobar writes he will publish more about this leak shortly.


By Torbjorn Sassersson, NewsVoice


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