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Germán Gorraiz López: Will the Ultra-Orthodox Jews Bring Down Netanyahu?

Opinion and Analysis

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publicerad 2 april 2024
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Germán López Gorraiz, press photo
Germán López Gorraiz

The Haredim represent only 14% of Israeli society, but they would be a state within the state that tries to suppress all the sensitive areas of power of the Jewish state (Interior, Housing, Mossad and IDF commanders or Jewish army) and impose Halacha or Jewish law on more than 43% of the population who declare themselves secular, of which it would be paradigmatic the fact that the Israeli state does not allow civil marriage.

By Germán Gorraiz López, Political Analyst

The ultra-orthodox Jews would be an idle caste (6 out of 10 do not work and devote themselves to the study of the Torah) that would enjoy perks and privileges and would have the lay population as servants to pay their maintenance, health and education as well as the defense of Israel’s borders by being exempt from military service under the Law approved by Ben Gurion in 1948.

Netanyahu pressed by the two major ultra-orthodox parties, Shass and United Torah Judaism, proceeded to freeze a series of reforms undertaken by Lapid on economic cuts among the ultra-orthodox community, amending the reforms to the conversion laws and the universal enlistment law.

This forced some 66,000 ultra-orthodox young men between 18 and 26 years of age into the army, due to the wave of social protests of the middle class who complained about the exaggerated privileges they received despite not contributing “neither the public coffers nor the “weight” of national security, because the ultra-orthodox would be exempt from military service but the law that allows this exemption was annulled in 2012 by the Supreme Court.

Thus, according to a recent survey, 70% of the Jewish population believe that the ultra-orthodox should contribute to the security of the country and do military service during the Israeli war in Gaza, so that the foreseeable entry into force in May of this Compulsory Enlistment Act will force the two major ultra-orthodox parties, Shass and United Torah Judaism, which fiercely oppose the recruitment of ultra-orthodox Jews to leave the Coalition Government and call new elections.

Given the increasing disaffection of Israeli society towards Netanyahu due to his nefarious management of the crisis with Hamas and his zero interest in rescuing the Jewish hostages alive, according to the latest media polls of Israel the Likud of Netanyahu would be sorry of the Power , the formation of a Government of Salvation presided over by Benny Gantz and whose primary task would be to re-edit the Oslo Accords that would enable the peaceful coexistence of two peoples in two states.

Meanwhile, Netanyahu, a nefarious politician who tried to strike an autocratic coup to later establish a presidential regime, could face a criminal trial in which he will be accused of negligence and crimes against Human Rights, which could mean a criminal conviction and his definitive departure from the Israeli political scene.

By Germán Gorraiz López, Political Analyst

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