Scott Ritter: Russia will Nuke Decision-Making Centres in Europe if Russia’s Existence is Threatened

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publicerad 8 maj 2024
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Former weapons inspector Scott Ritter (photo: David Shankbone) and the town of Bucha
Former weapons inspector Scott Ritter

Former UN Weapons inspector Scott Ritter says in an interview with Andrew P. Napolitano that the Ukraine conflict is an existential matter for Russia and Putin will use nukes to protect its territory. The problem is that most European and US leaders still think Putin is bluffing. But not all—some are waking up to reality, Ritter believes.

Scott Ritter:

“I think we need to understand one fundamental truth here: Russia sees this conflict as an existential conflict. There is no tie, no defeat, only victory. They have put together a plan to achieve that victory, and they’re on the cusp of that happening right now.”

Ritter says that the Ukrainian army is disintegrating, and their frontline is collapsing right now.

“This is sending waves of panic through NATO, which is why you see Emmanuel Macron talking about the need to send French troops.”

“David Cameron is making similar statements. Russia has a plan. As I was told by a general earlier this year, they have mobilized the troops, trained the troops, and have the conventional military to achieve this objective.”

Scott Ritter thinks the war is over by the end of the summer.

“The problem is you have the West saying insane things, such as if the Ukrainian line collapses, NATO troops will intervene.”

Scott Ritter says this is why Vladimir Putin now has ordered the Southern Military District to carry out training for the employment of tactical nuclear weapons!

“This doesn’t mean that they’re going to use nuclear weapons in Ukraine. They’re not. They’re going to blow the hell out of NATO forces in Romania, Poland, Germany, France, Italy. It’s nuclear war.”

“Putin doesn’t bluff. This ain’t a game. This isn’t a joke. This is life and death for Russia. They’ve made that clear from the very beginning.”

Ritter claims the number of Russian losses right now on the battlefield is the lowest they’ve been since the war started and that Russia is dominating the front line.

“They are devastating Ukrainians. It was 800 Ukrainians dead a week ago. It was 1,000 earlier. It’s up to 1,500 dead. They’re just being slaughtered. They’re being annihilated. And there’s nothing to replace them. So they are literally collapsing.”

“NATO is in a panic. Macron’s talking about sending troops, and Poland’s talking about sending troops. And Russia’s saying, I don’t know how many times we have to tell you, if NATO troops show up on Ukrainian soil, we’re going to nuke you.”

“We’re going to nuke the decision-making centres. Russia isn’t bluffing. I hope the people watching right now are getting cold sweats right now because the world’s over at this point, ladies and gentlemen.”

“Whatever plans you had for the summer, they’re cancelled. Whatever Christmas plans you had, forget about it. So get scared. Start calling people and saying, what the hell are you doing, Tony Blinken? Biden, get on the phone with Macron and tell him to shut up and sit down. The same thing with the Polish because this is it. Russia’s getting ready to exercise the use of tactical nuclear weapons…”.

“This is about as serious as it gets, and yet we are sleepwalking. We are sound asleep. Nobody in America cares. Nobody.”

However, Ritter points out that some people in decision-making positions have started to realise the gravity of the situation.

Watch the complete interview at Judge Napolitano – Judging Freedom

Source: Video by Scott Ritter in cooperation with Andrew P. Napolitano. Text extract and summary by NewsVoice

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