DiEM25 in Sweden has failed – They failed to bring out the power of Varoufakis

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publicerad 7 juni 2024
- Torbjörn Sassersson
Mats Sederholm, 2019. Pressfoto
Mats Sederholm

The European left-wing movement DiEM25 failed to establish itself as a party in Sweden ahead of the European elections. This is the opinion of Mats Sederholm, formerly a key figure in the Swedish division. He describes DiEM25 in Sweden as an immature and inexperienced local organization with a lack of internal democracy and without radical policies.

“Those who love to listen to Varoufakis’s economic expertise, his progressive ideas, philosophical reflections, and radical clarity have every reason to feel disappointed.”

DiEM25, founded in 2016 by Yanis Varoufakis, aims to democratize the EU. Despite its ambitions, the movement in Sweden has been led by politically inexperienced people who are easily swayed by the central leadership.

In his article, Sederholm criticizes the Swedish DiEM25 for not practicing the grassroots democracy and transparency they preach, arguing that internal power struggles and a lack of democracy characterize the organization.

“On the whole, there is simply no recognition of a movement that many hope will be a reflection of Varoufakis’ struggle against the injustices of the EU, his right-wing pathos, the political cheeky irritant he became for the Eurozone, and the internal abuse of power. Something that made him a hero to many political radicals in Europe.”

DiEM25 in Sweden is controlled by a small comfortable circle of power

Furthermore, Sederholm highlights that the organization’s leadership in Sweden does not fear autocratic methods of power, which contrasts with their official opposition to such forces in Europe. His disappointment grew when the creative and frank debate he hoped for failed to materialize, and the Swedish movement was instead toned down to a traditional party level.

“The staff of administrators are largely the same people since the beginning of DiEM25, who over the years have formed a comfortable circle of power behind the scenes that controls the local groups.”

Politically, DiEM25 is on a slippery slope, with declining confidence both in Greece and the rest of Europe. Sederholm argues that their strategy of applying the same policy issues in all EU countries is not working, especially in Sweden where climate change is a priority. He also criticizes their attitude towards NATO and lack of a sufficiently progressive Swedish party program.

Finally, Sederholm expresses that Amineh Kakabaveh should be glad she did not get involved, as DiEM25 lacks the political and organizational maturity that would have done her justice.

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