Stefan Lofven – If you go too far Left you will end up in the Authoritarian Right

publicerad 2 maj 2019
- av Torbjörn Sassersson red.
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Die Neue Swedischen Sozial Demokraten - NewsVoice Graphics - Free to use and copy
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DEBATE. The Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Lofven makes an astonishing move during a public speech where he accuses two well established political parties; The Moderates and the Christian Democrats to allegedly affiliating with the extreme right movement. He says that while introducing himself as a guarantor to keep the far-right out of business within the Swedish parliament.

Stefan Lofven now call upon the public - seemingly - to refrain from voting on The Moderates (M) or The Christian Democrats (KD):

"Do not betray what you believe in. Don't contribute to strengthen these forces. The right extremists need more adversaries, not copies" Stefan Lofven on May 1, 2019

The party leader of the Moderates Ulf Kristersson beats off the speech by the Prime Minister:

"Swedish social democracy embarrasses itself. A prime minister in a western democracy that portray two democratic and oppositional parties, the Moderates and the The Christian Democrats, as extreme right, is unique. Stefan Lofven takes the debate to a new level of rock-bottom".

Stefan Lofven started his speech warning for the rise of right-wing extremism in Europe before the coming EU elections in May. He then shifted over to national politics where he mentioned M and KD.

"But it doesn't entail that they should glance at a party [the right wing Sweden Democrats] that what founded by the white supremacist movement to contemplate on how to copy their rhetorics - and to cooperate with their politics". - Stefan Lofven

Ulf Kristersson responds via Swedish Television (SVT News):

"He [Lofven] is playing with fire. If there is no respect for the opposition within Swedish politics but instead he spreads lies in this way, Swedish politics is in danger" and he adds: "this is what leaders in authoritarian states do, states that we criticize". 

Several additional voices within M and KD says Lofven should be sorry and excuse his statements.

NewsVoice to Stefan Lofven

What happens if a Prime Minister draws the line between the political correct Left and the political incorrect Right closer to the Left? Well, the more narrow political correctness becomes.

Also, the Left comes closer to the Right.

Next, the Prime Minister need to move even further Left as he turns everything around. That may end up in the wrong place since the Left takes on the properties of the so hated Authoritarian Right as he need to control and eliminate even more opinions and people that don't concur with the Left.

Stefan Lofven, you are actually becoming a leader of the Authoritarian Right. Good luck with that.

By Torbjorn Sassersson, editor, NewsVoice