Mediterraneans are Smarter than the Brainwashed Swedish People

Jan Norberg, selfie 2021-08-25 Jan Norberg är pensionerad konsult med en bakgrund inom svensk industri. Han är sedan några år bosatt i Portugal. Jan är en engagerad samhällsdebattör. Se lista på alla Norbergs artiklar.
publicerad 26 juli 2020
- Jan Norberg
Utsikt från Jan Norbergs terass i Portugal den 7 januari 2018
Portugals västkust strax norr om Lissabon, 2017. Foto:
Portugals västkust strax norr om Lissabon, 2017. Foto:

DEBATE. All people in Europe that are living under the jurisdiction of different Governments, regardless of political views, they are sensitive about so-called wallet issues.

Text: Jan Norberg

Jan Norberg 2019.Foto: T. Sassersson,
Jan Norberg – Foto:

The brainwashed Swedish people put their own destiny in the hands of socialists as they historically have given the population assurances that they are acting fair and square about basics that the Swedes hold highly, such as for example human rights and fair tax policy.

The Mediterranean’s, however, are far more pragmatic when choosing their political leadership, as a famous icon put, “it is all about economics, stupid”. So when the Mediterranean’s look into what the politicians have to offer they, first of all, consider what they economically will benefit most from.

Most of the Mediterranean countries are governed by socialist politicians and they of course are doing their very utmost to please as many as possible from an economical point of view. Thus, the now ongoing negotiations among the EU countries regarding the so-called Corona Relief Package these Mediterranean politicians are emphasizing a generous deal including a lot of financial contributions sent to them as a “freebie” without any claims of paying the economical contributions back to the paying parts.

The Mediterranean’s are really much smarter than the North European countries as they skilfully avoid the discussion of their own taxation situation, these countries have significantly lower taxation of its people and companies. But instead of raising their taxes, they require free handouts from the other countries with a significantly higher tax rate on their people and companies.

Sweden, Austria, Denmark, Netherlands, and to some extent Finland had another view on this entering the Corona Relief Package deal at the start of the negotiations, however, they, as expected, very soon gave in and accepted this crazy deal proposed by EU.

Personally, I don’t blame these Mediterranean countries as they take advantage of all the other stupid North European countries, why shouldn’t they?

Informationsskylt i Sesimbra, Portugal. Foto: Jan Norberg
Informationsskylt i Sesimbra, Portugal. Foto: Jan Norberg

I live in a country [Portugal] where they made this system of free money from the EU equivalent to a form of art, it is really a smart way to have EU picking up the tab for almost everything they want to do.

As one example of how it works practically, I am showing a sign from a construction site near where I live. It is a school to be built and the EU is, without asking any questions, contributing with 50% of the cost to build that school. Whenever do you see a sign like that in Sweden?

Text: Jan Norberg

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