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Del Bigtree on Using Censorship as a Tool for Getting Real Facts Out to the Public

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publicerad 22 mars 2023
- News@NewsVoice
Del Bigtree. Photo: Glen Jung, Bright Light News
Del Bigtree.

The film producer and commentator on healthcare politics Del Bigtree was interviewed by Aga Wilson from NewsVoice in cooperation with Glen Jung from Bright Light News. Del Bigtree says the censorship of his voice, documentaries, and channels actually had the opposite effect on the intended silencing.

Censorship has probably increased the dissemination of critical information to the public domain. People want to know what information is being suppressed, says Bigtree in the interview recorded by Bright Light News in January in Orlando, Florida.

This interview – and the trip to Florida in January 2023 – were financed by the kind readers of NewsVoice. Thank you.

Message: This interview on censorship was on March 27, 2023 censored by Youtube with the explanation:

“YouTube does not allow claims about COVID-19 vaccinations that contradict the expertise of local health authorities or the World Health Organization (WHO).”

Therefore we embedded the same video, but on Rumble.


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