Burkina Faso’s Security is a Priority, not Elections

publicerad 9 oktober 2023
Ibrahim Traoré. Photo: UTV Ghana
Ibrahim Traoré.

The country is in urgent need of security. Postponing elections is a prudent move by President Traore to promote the inclusivity of all citizens in decision-making.

By Baya Osborn for NewsVoice. He writes about Conflicts and Security Studies, in the World of Politics. Osborn (lucrust.com) is based in Kenya.

Captain Ibrahim Traore of Burkina Faso has stated that there will be an extension to elections until the country is safe enough for everyone to vote. The Burkinabe leader says that elections are ‘not a priority’, as he sees a constitutional change and the restoration of democracy in the country.

Traore promised to return to democracy and has announced planned changes to the constitution. The aim is to make it more representative of the masses.

“No, there won’t be an election concentrated solely in Ouagadougou, Bougouriba, and a few surrounding towns. All Burkinabes must choose their president. Those who are going to apply must be able to go anywhere in Burkina, for the people of Burkina,” said Traore.

His speech came when he and Burkinabes marked one year after liberating the country from French supremacy. While going through difficult times after an attempted mutiny last week, he added:

“Once security is assured, people can move around freely, go where they want, and campaign. And then, allow Burkina Faso’s people to choose their president. That’s what we want,” he added.

Traore was sworn in as interim president and was the youngest leader in the world. He vowed to win back territory and support a transition leading to elections in July 2024. He perceives that security is more important than elections, as the insurgency in the country has been damaging.

Citizens acknowledge his concerns that it is not a priority to have elections.

Security is crucial in a country plagued by jihadist violence. His goal is still to organise a ballot, although he has not yet specified a date.

The partial change Traore is proposing to the country’s constitution aims to change the oppressive nature of the status quo. The present text reflects the opinion of a handful of enlightened people, to the detriment of the popular masses. It doesn’t allow them to evolve peacefully.

Several thousand people demonstrated on Friday in Ouagadougou and other cities in support of the military regime. Many Burkinabes are calling for the adoption of a new constitution and abandoning the current one as it does not represent all of them.

Burkinabe’s Spiralling Security and Significant Assistance offered by Wagner

The country’s spiralling security situation justifies the interim government to keep on with the protection of its borders. It has focused on responding to attacks by affiliates of Al-Qaeda and the Islamic State group.

With Traore, efforts have been made to regain territory and improve security, which are yielding results. It has undertaken a massive recruitment drive for the Volunteers for the Defence of the Fatherland (VDP), a civilian force that supports the military.

The force has been of massive assistance in combating the insurgency that is ravaging the country.

The country is at war and certain factors make it almost impossible to counter the situation. However, the Russians, through Wagner PMC, have offered immense support to the army.

Their efforts have helped the government claim a large part of their territory. At the end of last month, more than 190,000 people had returned to their homes after it chased jihadists from areas they had taken hostage.

One of the last photos of Yevgeny Prigozhin before he left for Russia, August 29, 2023, Central African Republic. Source Wagner Group
One of the last photos of Yevgeny Prigozhin before he left for Russia, August 29, 2023, Central African Republic. Source Wagner Group, https://t.me/wagnernew

These efforts have made many citizens supporters and welcome the strong and accurate decisions by Traore.

The efforts of Wagner are currently being felt in Mali as it continues with its ultimate mission of liberating Africa from Western exploiters. It successfully helped the Malian army quell the influence of the French army and it’s currently combating the Azawaad rebel forces.

Wagner’s former boss, Yevgeny Prigozhin, acknowledged the independence of African countries and that they should be free from exploitation and oppression.

“We are working. Temperature +50°. Everything we love The Wagner Group conducts reconnaissance and search activities. Makes Russia even greater on all continents!

And Africa is even more free. Justice and happiness for the African people: the Nightmare of “ISIS”, Al-Qaeda,” and other gangsters We hire real heroes and continue to fulfil the tasks that were set and with which we made a promise that we would cope.”

A thwarted coup castigated by Western Predators

After an attempted coup the previous week, he sternly stated that “individual freedoms must not take precedence over collective freedoms”. These individuals have for long wanted Burkina Faso to remain in the oppressive realms of France.

The ultimate take from my analysis was that the plot was clear: the aim was to make Traore the next Thomas Sankara and take away the sovereignty of the Burkina Faso people.

Luckily, the authorities were able to quell the tense situation. Four officers were detained a day after the military government said it had thwarted a coup attempt. The improved intelligence and security services in the army foiled the attempt the previous day, signifying the restoration of Burkinabe’s sovereignty.

It turns out that it was just manipulating individuals and there is no malaise in the army.

It’s also commendable that Traore is working towards making the constitution more representative of the masses. The current one is oppressive and not reflective of the entire population’s interests.

It indicates a commitment to addressing the root causes of the country’s problems and striving for a more inclusive and just society.

Therefore, the government needs to strike a balance between security, constitutional reforms, and the democratic aspirations of its people. Traore’s leadership is navigating these challenges with a commitment to the well-being and freedom of the Burkinabe people.

By Baya Osborn (lucrust.com) for NewsVoice

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  • President Traore står inför många komplexa utmaningar i landet. Hans beslut att prioritera säkerhet framför omedelbara val verkar rimligt. För att garantera deltagande och representation för alla medborgare är det viktigt att säkerställa deras säkerhet innan de planerade valen genomförs.
    Dessutom är hans ansträngningar att ändra konstitutionen för att göra den mer inkluderande och representativ för massorna lovvärda. Konstitutionen måste återspegla alla medborgares intressen för att garantera avgörande långsiktig stabilitet och rättvisa.
    Wagner-gruppen har förbättrat säkerheten och återtagit territorium på ett anmärkningsvärt sätt. De har visat sig vara en viktig säkerhetsorganisation i regionen och kan påverka den västerländska imperialiseringens gång.
    Att hitta en balans mellan säkerhet, konstitutionella reformer och demokratiska ambitioner är en svår och viktig uppgift. Traores ledarskap är fokuserat på att ta itu med grundorsakerna till landets problem och främja inkludering.

  • President Traore is facing many complex challenges in the country. His decision to prioritise security over immediate elections seems reasonable. To guarantee the participation and representation of all citizens, it’s important to ensure their safety before holding the planned elections.
    Moreover, his efforts to amend the Constitution to make it more inclusive and representative of the masses are commendable. The constitution must reflect the interests of all citizens to guarantee crucial long-term stability and justice.
    The Wagner Group has improved security and reclaimed territory in a noteworthy way. They have proven to be an important security organisation in the region and could influence the course of Western imperialization.
    Striking a balance between security, constitutional reforms, and democratic aspirations is a hard and important task. Traore’s leadership is focused on addressing the root causes of the country’s issues and promoting inclusivity.

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