The Real Reasons Behind the Ukraine War: Oil and Gas Dominance – Dr. Shiva Explains

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publicerad 23 november 2022
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Dr. V.A. Shiva Ayyadurai alias Dr. Shiva. Photo by Partnering for Cures via Shiva Youtube channel

UKRAINE WAR. There is a smoke screen put in place to divert the public as well as Big Media and the politicians from understanding the true reasons for the Ukraine war. It’s not about Putin invading Ukraine in order to recreate the Soviet Union. The real reason is Big Oil in cooperation with NATO to rule the oil and gas markets in Europe, as explained by Dr. Shiva.

Source: Dr. V.A. Shiva Ayyadurai (Dr. Shiva), systems scientist, inventor, and entrepreneur with four degrees from MIT | Transcript, shortening, and editing to written language by Torbjorn Sassersson, NewsVoice [full non-edited transcript as text file]

The prelude of the Ukrania-Russia war

Dr. Shiva explains that the goal with using Ukraine is to stop Russia from delivering oil and gas to Europe, and to advance the US. Corporate interests, in cooperation with countries such as Great Britain. British Shell, Chevron (formerly Standard oil of California), and ExxonMobil. These three companies came into the Ukraine region some years ago.

“They [ExxonMobil] thought they would start delivering oil reserves from Crimea, and Putin came in there and shut that down. Exxon leaves. Shell was in the eastern region starting to do oil work oil and gas in Donetsk.”

“And that’s where we have the anti-nazi Ukrainians, which were pissed off with the new president that was put in. They left, and then Chevron claims they left also in 2014, 2015, because they said they didn’t get good tax treatment.”

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Dr. Shiva continues explaining it all started in 2014 with a Western coup. Ukraine was backed by NATO and the US. There has since  ´been Kyiv shelling eastern Ukraine for a long time.

“Remember, war is another vehicle that imperialism can use to get what it wants to create enough chaos and destabilization.”

“So since 2014, when the coup took place to today, there’s been this war between Ukraine and the eastern province taking place. But let me point this out. When you look at this, it is really about big oil and big gas.”

Dr. Shiva says they wanted to build infrastructure in Ukraine and a pipeline into Europe, leaving Russia out of the business. He continues claiming that Putin has been very successful, “Putin in many ways won that battle. Exxon, Shell, and Chevron were gone”.

Shiva explains the basic ideas came from US leaders like Condoleeza Rice and the George Bush oil family. Rice even worked at Chevron and her mission was to help this oil cartel use Ukraine to pump gas out and then deliver that gas to Europe.

He then points out the timing in 2013 and 2014.

“They go into Ukraine. They start a war so they can destabilize a region, make Ukraine dependent, the Ukrainian people, on NATO and US.”

Shiva says it was all designed by Condoleeza Rice and the big oil companies. These purpotrators wanted to use Ukraine, but Putin stopped them with the help of the people of eastern Ukraine who fought back hard.

“… throughout this entire eight-year period, even the UN, even reasonable people, are saying, hey, look, we don’t want to have this war. This could escalate to a nuclear war. Hurt a lot of people.”

“Why don’t we just sign an agreement called the Minsk II Agreement, which would have settled the conflict on the eastern part of Ukraine, made those people like a state of Ukraine, given them some rights so they felt some sovereignty, and Russia would agree not to go into those regions.”

“And Russia was willing to sign that. But the United States wanted war. United States and NATO wanted war. They wanted war. They didn’t support the ministry agreement. They didn’t really push it. So then the US-NATO alliance pokes the bear [Russia] by wanting to put out there that Ukraine might join NATO.”

The US and NATO plan was to get Ukraine into NATO and if Russia would attack Ukraine, that would be considered a war against NATO, Shiva goes on.

“Russia said no. Russia then started doing what they called their military operations, supporting those eastern provinces. And we get to where we are today”

Shiva goes on to explain the idiocy of blaming Russia for the destruction of the Nord Stream pipelines because Russia makes billions from selling its gas to Europe.

Shiva refers to Douglas McGregor a former adviser to the US defense Secretary in the administration of Trump. McGregor said in a recent podcast with Andrew Nepaliano you have to look at who are the state actors that have the capability to do this, and that means the UK’s Royal Navy and the United States Navy.

McGregor also noted that Poland’s former foreign minister from 2014, Rodisloe Cycleski, thanked the United States for damaging the Nordstream pipelines.

“So you have a senior adviser in the Defense Department says it’s ridiculous to think that Russia blew up their own pipelines.”

“We have to also understand that where the pipelines were blown up, the two pipelines were 70 miles away. One of the pipelines is in Sweden, underground, in their territory, Navaly or Seawise, and in Denmark, which is part of NATO.”

“Sweden wants to be part of NATO. Denmark is in NATO. So Russia can’t even go to those regions to prove that they didn’t do it because they’re controlled one by NATO ally Denmark and the other by Sweden.”

Militärexperter: Rysk stor-offensiv i Ukraina innan jul och USA fruktar fred mellan Ryssland och Tyskland

Shiva pinpoints an interesting date. He ascertain that the two pipelines were blown up on September 27 the same day that the four provinces in eastern Ukraine were voting to leave Ukraine. Eastern Ukraine also happens to be rich in oil and gas and the people there don’t want to be part of Ukraine.

“It’s irreversible. Now. Europe must depend on US and NATO. I’ll repeat that Europe can no longer depend on Russia because the pipeline is cut off.”

“…they blew up the pipeline to send a message to Europe. Then you will depend on US. Remember, that was Condoleeza Rice’s 13 architecture to make Europe depend on US.”

“And this is interesting. The day that they blew up that pipeline, the next day, guess what happens the next day? Within hours” … “they bring up a new pipeline called the Baltic pipeline.”

Fd amerikansk regeringsrådgivare: Polen, USA och Sverige inblandade i attacken mot Nord Stream

The Baltic pipeline is a pipeline that was constructed on and off by Denmark that goes through Poland.

“And this pipeline has been in development, but they somehow got it ready right in time. So it almost feels like they had this other alternate solution.”

“So now Europe is now dependent on this Baltic pipeline. And remember, the countries who created that Baltic pipeline are guess who they’re? NATO. They’re in NATO.”

NATO countries are now delivering gas through the Baltic pipeline to Europe.

“They don’t give a damn about how many of the Ukrainian people die. If they have to do a nuclear exchange, sure, they’ll do that if it’s necessary. They’ll risk that because the amount of billions or trillions that are at stake for US imperial oil interests to monopolize Europe, and even if Europe has to suffer, or Germany, they don’t give a damn.”

“…you have to understand, this plan was set in place in 2013 by Condoleeza Rice. Truly an evil intellectual, but she knows system science. She set a goal. They figured out all that, and then they started doing the inputs to achieve their output.”

“Russia has lost its leverage. And this is why Putin’s speech that I reviewed a few days ago is important because what Putin is saying was that US imperialism treats every other place like a colony.”

“Putin said that he will protect this even if it means nuclear exchange.”

“And why is he saying this? Because, you see, oil, gas, and minerals, Russia is rich in that. And it is the foundation of their economy. That’s what they rely on for cash reserves because then they use that to buy other goods.”

Source: Dr. V.A. Shiva Ayyadurai (Dr. Shiva), systems scientist, inventor, and entrepreneur with four degrees from MIT | Transcript, shortening, and editing to written language by Torbjorn Sassersson, NewsVoice


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