Dr. Robert Malone: Engaging the Military into the Global Vaccination Agenda has been a Great Failure

publicerad 27 januari 2023
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Dr. Robert Malone, March 26, 2022. Photo: Bright Light News

Mikael Cromsjo founder of Vaken.se interviewed Dr. Robert Malone during a medical conference in Stockholm on January 21-22 arranged by the Swedish medical association Läkaruppropet.

During the conference, it was revealed by Sacha Latypova, a former manager in the pharmaceutical industry in Ukraine and the USA that military bodies, such as the US Department of Defense, has been a key player in the covid agenda.

Interview by Mikael Cromsjo, Vaken.se | Transcription with AI. Editing and shortening by Torbjorn Sassersson, editor NewsVoice


Mikael Cromsjo: What do you think is the most important evidence of wrongdoing?

Dr. Robert Malone: The most important evidence of wrongdoing in this case has to start with the origin of the virus and the efforts to obscure its origin and its point of entry into to the population.

Since then there’s been a cascade of mismanagement and we’re still not even close to untangling the threads that have been involved in that. The integration of the information warfare really, the propaganda, that has been employed to advance the interests of a variety of players both economic, pharmaceutical, and corporate of various types and the interests of transnational organizations, the weaponization of public health to advance both corporate and political interests I think is a huge sin.

I think that also about the suppression of information about the vaccine damages and the vaccine injured. I’ve been struck all the way through by the enormous tragedy of the gaslighting of the vaccine injured.

This is the most tragic thing I’ve ever experienced. When I get these calls again and again and again from people young people, older people, mothers, and women that seek to become pregnant, that have had injuries.

They believe they’ve had injuries and they’re surrounded by messaging that they must be insane or mad or hysterical, women being told they are hysterical because they are experiencing these symptoms.

Then they are told that they cannot assemble. They cannot speak to each other or communicate on social media. If you put yourself in the position of someone who is vaccine injured, the human tragedy, the psychological tragedy, the physical tragedy because they’re not able to be compensated, they’re not able to get treatment for their illness their physicians deny that they have this illness.

It is a profound human tragedy. I think there’s a short summary of major things that have occurred that I think are deeply tragic.

Mikael Cromsjo: Do you think control opposition is a big problem?

Dr. Robert Malone: There’s always controlled opposition, but the use of this language, controlled opposition is a well-known strategy. It’s called black jacketing and it’s often been used by governments and other propaganda organizations to delegitimize leaders.

So it’s the topic of controlled opposition, is in these allied phrases that are used like deep state in the United States are extremely counterproductive but well-known strategies for delegitimizing people who are in a position of leadership for a variety of human rights and freedom campaigns historically for decades.

Gas lighting I find is particularly tragic, not in the context necessarily of those that are leaders, this is part of the propaganda strategy, but personally I find it most tragic in the context of, particularly the vaccine injured.

And if they speak out they are immediately criticized and they are told that they are psychologically ill. Even physicians in Canada that have been speaking out or advocating for alternative treatment strategies are being labeled as mentally ill.

You have Jordan Peterson who is being asked to return to Canada for retraining because he is speaking wrong speak. It is deeply orwellian.

Mikael Cromsjö: Do you think it’s possible to use this kind of technology [mRNA] to make it self-replicating?

Dr. Robert Malone: Of course it’s possible. You’re talking about gene therapy or genetic engineering and you’re kind of mixing things. Forgive me for reprimanding you. You can absolutely have self-replicating RNA and that has been pioneered by a scientist at Karolinska who I’ve known for many years.

(Malone mentions professor Liljeström at Karolinska who has done research on self-replicating RNA, which is being advocated as the next generation RNA vaccines.)

So it’s absolutely possible and feasible. The question is, is it practicable and is it allowable? Ethically, I think the technology has outstripped both legislation and active discussion about the ethics of what’s being done.

And the technocrats have advocated for advancing this technology without allowing sufficient public dialogue concerning whether or not this is acceptable. It’s not acceptable, in my opinion, to have technology imposed on society at large without society having a voice in deciding whether or not they wish to endorse that.

Mikael Cromsjö: Do you have anything to say about, like, findings from doctors on the Internet claiming to find all kinds of things in the vaccines, from nanotechnology to all kinds of different things?

Dr. Robert Malone: Regarding contaminants in the vaccine products and potential manipulations for ulterior motives. There is widespread fear and anxiety and a lack of trust in the pharmaceutical industry, which is clearly not been transparent, particularly Pfizer, Moderna, Biontech.

They have not been transparent in terms of the contents of the material, the characterization of the material, and the release testing of the material, they’ve prohibited through contract governments performing normal regulatory functions and characterizing that material.

And this gives rise to an environment in which speculation runs rampant. And so this is the consequence of failure on the part of the industry and on governments to enforce regulatory oversight norms to ensure purity, potency, and identity.

And so in this vacuum, people have speculated about a particulate matter that they find in these vials at various times. Fortunately, much of that material, that crystalline material appears to be cholesterol crystals.

So a lot of the speculation has been not well grounded in rigorous chemical characterization. And I think it’s more a symptom of the failure of trust in which there has been an environment of speculation, where rampant speculation has flourished.

Independent scientists do get samples and then do the research. It’s obviously extremely difficult or impossible for any independent laboratories to be able to obtain these samples of the product.

Again, this is a clear failure of governments and regulatory authorities to exercise their authority and perform their role in ensuring the purity, potency, and identity of the material. This is in part through contract.

As I understand it, the vaccine manufacturing companies have insisted that on terms and conditions, contractual terms and conditions that have prohibited the national and regional regulatory authorities from performing their normal tasks.

And so it’s no surprise that there’s frustration now in obtaining these samples. And what you’re really seeing is a groundswell of effort to try to perform the tasks which should have been performed by the national regulatory bodies.

The military intervention

Mikael Cromsjo: Do you feel that sovereignty, the national security is kind of threatened by having this substance manufactured abroad, taken into our country, and distributed without this checking? Shouldn’t this be like a priority for the military to make sure that there is not a biological backbone or something like this?

Dr. Robert Malone: I believe that the weaponization of public health and bringing public health and regulatory responsibility into the military sphere is a strategic error. It’s an organizational error. It results in bias in terms of the response towards a more militarized or autocratic or authoritarian response, as is typical, or we might say a more totalitarian response.

I discourage efforts to further integrate the military into public health. I think there needs to be a more rigorous separation. What we have is a situation in which normal public health functions and organizations have been bypassed ostensibly and due to national security concerns.

But I think this was a major failure in that these established regulatory authorities and processes have been unnecessarily bypassed, and the authority has been vested in that military complex which is not really prepared or powered for performing this task, nor it should it be

Mikael Cromsjo: Who should be the ones doing this?

Dr. Robert Malone: Every nation, state, or region has responsible medical authority and qualified authorities. These qualified persons and the associated regulatory authorities should be empowered to do their job. What’s happened here is that they’ve been bypassed, they’ve been co-opted, and they’ve not been able to do their normal job.

And that is the core of the failure. They should be reinforced and they should be held accountable. If they don’t do their job, then they need to be replaced, amended, or modified. But somehow there has been a major global failure in national and regional regulatory authorities to perform the tasks that they have always performed in the past.

Interview ends.

NewsVoice will return with more findings from the Stockholm conference.

Interview by Mikael Cromsjo, Vaken.se | Transcription with AI. Editing and shortening by Torbjorn Sassersson, editor NewsVoice


International conference on the COVID pandemic on 21st-22nd January 2023 at the Stockholm Waterfront Congress Centre


Robert Malone, Physician and vaccine researcher, USA
Aseem Malhotra, Cardiologist, UK
Ryan Cole, Pathologist, USA
Jessica Rose, Immunologist and statistician, Canada
Pierre Kory, Pulmonary and intensive care physician, USA
Arne Burkhardt, Professor of Pathology, Germany
Astrid Stuckelberger, Professor in Public health, Switzerland
Sacha Latypova, Former pharmaceutical industry executive, Ukraine/USA
Meryl Nass, Internal medicine physician, USA
Alexandra Henrion-Caude, Professor of Genetics, France
Philipp Kruse, Lawyer, Switzerland
Geert Vanden Bossche, Immunologist and vaccine researcher, Belgium
John Steppling, Author and playwright, USA (but living in Norway)
Torkel Snellingen, ophthalmologist, Norway
Richard Urso, Ophthalmologist, USA

Many of these speakers participated in another successful conference on the same topic in Oslo on 19th November 2022. The Stockholm conference was the second Nordic international conference in the Nordics in 2022/23, critically evaluating the official approach to the COVID-19 pandemic from multiple angles.

The program also included talks from six speakers from our own Bio-Medico Legal Network:

Ute Krüger, Pathologist
Ann-Cathrin Engwall, Immunologist and virologist
Sven Román, Child and adolescent psychiatrist
Sture Blomberg, Associate Professor, Specialist in anaesthesia and intensive care
Hans Zingmark, Pulmonologist
Jonathan Gilthorpe, Associate Professor, Cell biology

In addition, Per Shapiro, an investigative journalist, chaired one of the program sessions, and Nils Littorin from Läkaruppropet (The Physicians Appeal) was responsible for one of several panel discussions.

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