Corona Hole, April 28, 2011. Image credit: NASA

Alleged cosmic events creates wild specualtions on the World Wild Web

RYMDFARTWild mindless speculations and pseudoscience or scientfic based hypothesis? It's hard to say. You have to dig into every claim and find out for yourself. It's definitely wild and engaging. The world wide web is flooded by alternative views of all kinds and it accelerate due to the growing use of the web and technical audio-video equipment making everybody into journalists and whistleblowers.

Saturnus ringar vibreras av osynliga månar

RYMDFARTForskarna bakom Cassini-projektet har börjat förstå mekanismerna som styr ringarnas dynamiska natur. Partiklarna som bygger upp ringarna vibrerar av egen kraft och osynliga små månar skapar spektakulära gravitationseffekter.

Experts: Huge space tourism expansion just months away

RYMDFARTRussia charges private travelers $40 million to ride on its Soyuz spacecraft and spend a few days aboard the international space station. For a much shorter journey, Virgin Galactic wants $200,000 for a flight to suborbital space.