Hangdrumming by Keona

KULTURA hang is a musical instrument in the idiophone class created by PANArt in Switzerland. The hang is sometimes referred to as a hang drum. The hang is made from two deep drawn nitrided steel sheets that are attached together creating the recognizable double saucer shape.

Filmmusik: Gran Torino skriven av Kyle Eastwood

MUSIKGran Torino är en amerikansk dramafilm från 2008, regisserad av Clint Eastwood som även spelar huvudrollen. Medverkar i filmen gör också Clint Eastwoods yngre son, Scott Eastwood. Filmmusiken komponerades av Eastwoods äldre son, Kyle Eastwood.

Heidi and Seal Duet

MUSIKPeople Magazine: "I met him in a hotel lobby in New York City and he came in just from the gym and I was sitting there and I was, like, wow," Klum tells Oprah Winfrey...".

Best guitarist: Hiram Bullock solo

MUSIKHiram Law Bullock (1955–2008) was an American jazz funk and jazz fusion guitarist. He was born in Japan to African American parents serving in the U.S. Military. At the age of two he returned to the US with his parents, and quickly showed a prodigious musical talent.

John Lee Hooker – The Healer with Santana

MUSIKJohn Lee Hooker (1917–2001) was an American blues singer-songwriter and guitarist. Hooker began his life as the son of a sharecropper and rose to prominence. He developed a 'talking blues' style that was his trademark.