International Trafficking Network for the Elite Revealed – Big Media refuses to Report

publicerad 10 mars 2012
- Torbjörn Sassersson red.
Trafficking - Foto: Sammisreachers, CC0 Creative Commons

[Intro in Swedish: Den största försäljningssuccén genom tiderna för svensk litteratur är Stieg Larssons fiktiva millenniumtrilogi. Det är ironiskt eftersom den handlar om ett smutsigt trafficking-nätverk i Sverige som används och skyddas av samhällets toppskikt. Sedan en tid har ett internationellt traffiking-nätverk från verkligheten avslöjats. Det inkluderar också toppskiktet av makthavare, domstolsväsendet och politiker i England och USA samt andra länder.]

Video above shows Brian Gerrish’s reaction to the Judgement by the Royal Courts of Justice against Hollie Greig. Bill Maloney is asking the questions. Brian Gerrish is especially frustrated that BBC and other main media oulets won’t report on trafficking matters as soon as it involves the higher echelons of society. It’s the same situation in other countries.

“In almost every case of human trafficking for child sex slavery, court proceedings get shut down or diverted when a clear connection to the elite arises”, Jospeh Watson reports for Infowars a US non mainstream media channel.

In New York yet another elitist pedophile ring recently has been exposed with the bust of Anna Gristina (44) who is charged with running a prostitution ring that relied on police protection to provide wealthy clients with minors for sexual encounters.

Anna Gristina’s list of customers “included powerful politicians, influential lawyers, top-law enforcement, bankers, entertainment executives and Fortune 500 businessmen, as well as several ultra-wealthy European clients,” as reported by the New York Post.

For years Infowars have documented that global pedophile rings are operated primarily due to demand from rich elitists in positions of power. The trade is international. Cases in Portugal, Austria, France, Chile, Belgium, and Bosnia have all pointed to the involvement of prominent individuals in sex rings, sadomasochistic orgies and even murder, Infowars reports.

Re-write: Torbjörn Sassersson,


Infowars: New York Prostitution Ring Provided Minors For Wealthy Elitists

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