Bee invasion in Stockholm City – Sweden


    Swarms of bees have been invading parts of Stockholm for two days. It started on Friday and continued on Saturday, July 14. They come in thousands and they cling to walls where they aggregate in clusters.

    Summary: Torbjorn Sassersson

    The problem is not experienced evenly all over Stockholm area but in smaller portions of the city center. These areas are so far around Gotgatan on Sodermalm and Master Samuelsgatan, Norrmalm.

    A company called Bee Urban who have sold bee farms to the town says it’s not their bees. The wall clinging bees have for the second day been collected by bee farmers to take them out of Stockholm.

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    16 juli 2012 kl 09:11

    När kommer vaccin inkl skvalén, kvicksilver, formaldehyd mot bisting som alla måste ta tre sprutor av före 6 månaders ålder?

    Lars K
    Lars K
    15 juli 2012 kl 21:38

    Gott att inte alla bin fallit offer för CCD!!