Pro-vaccination doctor doesn’t recommend the covid shots to anyone

publicerad 31 maj 2021
- Guest writer
Peter A. McCullough, MD, MPH

HEALTH. COVID-19 shots interview with Dr. Peter McCullough, MD, MPH, who is pro-vaccine (he has had all vaccines), treated patients with COVID and written 35 peer-reviewed papers on COVID (most of them can be found here Peter Mccullough Covid – Search Results – PubMed ( ).   He is an advocate of early treatment for COVID-19.

A summary of the video

13:20 People who had COVID shouldn’t get the shots.  If you suspect that you had COVID, there’s a test called the ”T-Detect” test, approved by the FDA, that determines if you have permanent immunity against COVID-19

15:20 He was recommending the shots to his high-risk patients and patients over 50, and 70% of the patients in his practice got the shots, but he is no longer recommending the shots to ANYONE because the deaths from these shots in a few months have exceeded deaths reported over YEARS from all shots combined recorded in VAERS.

17:15 Spike protein itself causes damage and is produced in an uncontrolled fashion by the shots.  It binds to ACE-2 receptor, leading to endothelial cell damage, blood clotting, damage to brain/kidneys/heart, myocarditis, attacks placenta and uterus, goes into breast milk (and may have killed a breastfeeding baby after mother got the shot – this was a story reported in April 2021)

19:15 – the shots don’t stay at the injection site, and it goes everywhere.  He and other doctors have asked the FDA for an external set of doctors to evaluate this clinical study of the shots (which is the standard practice), but no response.  Even though the CDC and FDA deny any connection of deaths to the shots, they could not have done investigations into the deaths, because they didn’t have the time to get the source doc’s to do any investigations.

21:38 the younger someone is if he/she dies within days after the shots, the more likely it is that the shots were the cause of deaths.  Over 4000 deaths, 12,000 hospitalizations, and over 10,000 breakthrough cases after the shots.  The vaccine centers are empty now, because people are talking about the shots; people either know someone who’s had a serious reaction or died from the shots.  FDA, CDC, NIH (who is patent holder for the Moderna shots) have conflict of interest in vaccinating everyone.

25:00 Children have no benefit from this shot, only harm.

25:34 – North Carolina allows 12-17 year olds to get the shots without parental consent.  If similar laws go into effect in other states and schools become vaccination centers, children will be under tremendous peer pressure to get the shot.

26:30 Never before, as an American, has he been more distraught with what’s happening with these shots

27:22 – boosters are coming in the fall.  Early treatment has reduced deaths to almost 0 per day in Texas.  Ivermectin, HCQ are effective treatments.  See his paper on the effectiveness of early treatment Pathophysiological Basis and Rationale for Early Outpatient Treatment of SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) Infection – PubMed (

His website is under Dr. Peter McCullough at

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