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NATO:s Response about Russia and the Conflict in Ukraine


Torbjörn Sassersson, 17 nov 2021. Pressfoto: NewsVoice.se
Torbjorn Sassersson. Pressfoto: NewsVoice.se

A comment by the Editor: Why do we publish NATO:s response (transcripted by NATO) in NewsVoice? NATO did not ask us to do this. We haven’t even asked for permission. We do it because we want to show both sides of the story. Most of us already know the Western perspective on Putin, Russia, and the conflict in Ukraine. It’s a 99% negative outlook.

Please feel free to comment and compare this text with the other side of the story, Putin’s response. – Torbjorn Sassersson

By NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg, 24 Feb. 2022

NATO Allies condemn Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in the strongest possible terms

Good afternoon.

Russia has attacked Ukraine.
This is a brutal act of war.
Our thoughts are with the brave people of Ukraine.

Sadly, what we have warned against for months has come to pass.
Despite all calls on Russia to change course and tireless efforts to seek a diplomatic solution.

Peace in our continent has been shattered. We now have war in Europe, on a scale and of a type we thought belong to history.
We have just finished an emergency meeting of the North Atlantic Council to discuss the situation.
The Council also addressed the request by Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania and Slovakia to hold urgent consultations under Article 4 of the Washington Treaty.

This is a grave moment for the security of Europe.

Russia’s unjustified and unprovoked attack on Ukraine is putting countless innocent lives at risk.

With air and missile attacks.
Ground forces and special forces from multiple directions.
Targeting military infrastructure and major urban centres.
This is a deliberate, cold-blooded and long-planned invasion.

Despite its litany of lies, denials, and disinformation,
the Kremlin’s intentions are clear for the world to see.
Russia’s leaders bear full responsibility for their reckless actions and the lives lost.

NATO Allies condemn Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in the strongest possible terms.

This is a blatant violation of international law.
An act of aggression against a sovereign, independent and peaceful country.
And a serious threat to Euro-Atlantic security.

We call on Russia to immediately cease its military action.
Withdraw its forces from Ukraine.
And choose diplomacy.

We fully support Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.
And Ukraine’s right of self-defence.

Russia is using force to try to rewrite history.
And deny Ukraine its free and independent path.

NATO’s core task is to protect and defend all Allies.
There must be no room for miscalculation or misunderstanding.
An attack on one will be regarded as an attack on all.
This is our collective security guarantee.

Today, the North Atlantic Council decided to activate our defence plans,
At the request of our top military commander, General Tod Wolters.

This is a prudent and defensive step to protect and shield Allied nations during this crisis.
And it will enable us to deploy capabilities and forces, including the NATO Response Force, to where they are needed.

In response to Russia’s massive military build-up,
we have already strengthened our collective defence.
On land, at sea, and in the air.

In the last weeks, Allies from North America and Europe have deployed thousands of more troops to the eastern part of the Alliance.
And placed more on standby.

We have over 100 jets at high alert, protecting our airspace.
And more than 120 Allied ships at sea, from the High North to the Mediterranean.

All this shows that our collective defence commitment Article 5 is ironclad.
And we will continue to do whatever is necessary to shield the Alliance from aggression.

I have called a virtual Summit of NATO leaders tomorrow, to address the way forward.

Russia is now facing severe costs and consequences imposed by the whole international community.

The Kremlin’s aim is to re-establish its sphere of influence.
Rip up the global rules that have kept us all safe for decades.
And subvert the values that we hold dear.

This is the new normal for our security.

Peace cannot be taken for granted.
Freedom and democracy are contested by authoritarian regimes.
And strategic competition is on the rise.

We must respond.
With renewed resolve.
And even stronger unity.
North America and Europe, together in NATO.

We are an Alliance of 30 democracies. Standing as one,
We will protect our people and our values.

Democracy will always prevail over autocracy.
Freedom will always prevail over oppression.

And then, I am ready to take your questions.

NATO Spokesperson Oana Lungescu:  Interfax Ukraine.

Irina Somer (Interfax Ukraine): Thank you Oana. Secretary General, we all know that NATO will not fight for Ukraine. But don’t you think it’s time for NATO to build anti-Hitler sorry, anti-Putin coalition? Thank you.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg: NATO stands in solidarity with Ukraine and NATO allies are imposing severe costs on Russia for the reckless invasion of Ukraine.
NATO allies, in close coordination with the European Union and other partners all over the world, are now imposing severe economic sanctions on Russia. To demonstrate that, we follow up on what we said, and that is that it will be a high price for Russia to pay.

NATO allies have also over a long period of time provided support, practical support, military support to Ukraine and helped them to build a much stronger, much better equipped, much better trained armed force today than the Ukraine had in 2014. I would like to recognize the professionalism and the bravery of the Ukrainian men and women in uniform who are now standing up against the Russian invasion.

We continue to stand together, condemning the Russian full-scale invasion of Ukraine and Allies stand together also in sending a message that we will never accept the brutal violation of international law that we see taking place as Russia now invades Ukraine.

NATO Spokesperson: We’ll go to Bloomberg.

Natalia Drozdiak (Bloomberg): (Inaudible) Do you have any information that shows that NATO Allies face a direct threat from Russia at the moment, and would NATO reconsider military intervention in Ukraine? Thank you.

NATO Secretary General: NATO is the strongest alliance in history, and make no mistake; we will defend and protect every ally against any attack and every inch of NATO territory. And that’s the reason also we have increased our presence in the eastern part of the alliance with thousands of more troops, ships and planes over the last weeks to send a very clear message; an attack on one ally will trigger the response of the whole Alliance. And we do so not to provoke a conflict but to prevent a conflict. What we do is defensive, it’s prudent, its measured, but it is necessary, because we see the aggressive actions of Russia against Ukraine, and therefore allies also how to make sure that there is no room for any misunderstanding about that Russia can’t do anything like that against a NATO allied country.

NATO Spokesperson: National Public Radio.

Teri Schultz (NPR): Thank you. Teri Schultz with NPR and DW. Mr. Secretary General, in the in the NAC statement, you say that we’re deploying additional defensive land and air forces to the eastern part of the Alliance additional maritime assets and increase the readiness of forces. Is this now today, more forces being sent as a result of the fact that the invasion has now happened, or are you there referring to what has already been done as reinforcements? I understand SACEUR will now have the ability to assemble the VJTF without coming back to the NAC for approval. Finally, are you still willing to sit down with President Putin or other representatives of the Russian government after this, or are you suspending your offer to hold talks on other issues and the NATO Russia Council? Thank you.

NATO Secretary General: This invasion does not come as a surprise. We have warned against this for months and sadly what happened this morning during the night was something that allied security and intelligence services have predicted for a long time. We have tried to prevent it by calling Russia to engage in diplomatic efforts, by telling Russia that there will be severe costs or economic sanctions if they invade Ukraine further. But what happened over the last hours demonstrates that Russia, despite our diplomatic efforts and despite our clear messages of economic sanctions, decided to once again invade Ukraine.

But since we have been warning against this for a long period of time, we are also taking prudent measures to prepare ourselves. That is the reason why we, over the last months and weeks, have significantly increased the presence of NATO troops in the eastern part of the Alliance. More land troops, ground forces, but also air and naval forces. In the coming days and weeks, they will come even more.

We will further increase, and we are increasing, our presence in the Eastern part of the Alliance and today we activated NATO’s defence plans that gives our military commanders more authority to move forces and to deploy forces when needed, and of course this could also be elements of the NATO Response Force. So we are ready, we are adjusting our posture, but what we do is defensive, is measured and we do not seek confrontation. We want to prevent a conflict and any attack against any NATO allied country.

(Inaudible follow up question from reporter)

Well, we have reached out to Russia for weeks and months and what we have seen is that the Russian message has been that they actually have never taken these talks seriously. Because while we were trying to find a political solution, they were planning for this invasion. While we were trying to find a political solution, they were actually day by day, week by week, increasing their military presence and readiness on the borders of Ukraine, and now the launched invasion. Russia has shut the door to a political solution. We regret that, but that’s sadly the reality, which has severe and very serious consequences for the people of Ukraine, but also actually impacts the security for all of us. And that’s the reason why we step up our presence in eastern part of the Alliance.

NATO Spokesperson: FAZ.

Thomas Gutschker (FAZ): Thanks a lot for taking the question. Secretary General, I have actually two questions. The first one I’d like to hear your reaction to what President Putin said this morning when he announced the military operations. He said that any country that interferes with them would face consequences greater than you have seen in your history, which I take as a veiled threat with a nuclear attack. So please, what is your response to that? He did not specify what interference means. And the second question, very simple; can the NATO Russia Founding Act be upheld under these circumstances? Thank you.

NATO Secretary General: The threatening rhetoric by President Putin and the aggressive actions by Russia, of course is the reason why we are saying that we’re now faced with a new normal for our security.

We need to consult closely all allies, and we will also do that tomorrow when the leaders meet at the virtual Summit. What does this mean for our longer-term relationship with Russia? How shall we continue to defend and protect Allies in this new security reality? How can we make sure that we uphold the values we believe in; freedom, democracy, faced with a more aggressive authoritarian regime in Moscow? A regime which is willing to openly contest our values and to threat and actually also to use force to try to coerce other nations. This will have some long term effects on our security, on how we respond, on how NATO is reacting and also on how our relationship with Russia can evolve.

We don’t have all the answers today, but there will be a new reality, it will be in New Europe after the invasion we saw today. Therefore I welcome the fact that we are so closely coordinating, so closely working together in NATO. We stood together in warning against the Russian aggression, the plans, we stood together in reaching out to Russia and tried to prevent the attack and now we need to stand together in responding to the attack and that’s exactly what we are doing. That was the first question the second question?

(Inaudible question from reporter).

Well, that’s part of this new reality we have to look into, and there will be a different reality and we need to respond but this is not the day to draw the conclusions. We will have an important discussion among leaders tomorrow.

NATO Spokesperson: NRK.

Simen Ekern (NRK): Thank you for the question. Mr. Secretary General, today Ukraine has called on Turkey to close the Bosporus and the Dardanelles straits for Russian vessels, is that an action that was discussed in this morning’s meeting and are there other similar actions that have been discussed today?

NATO Secretary General: That was not discussed in the meeting today. Turkey is of course a NATO ally, Turkey has a special role when it comes to the Bosporus straits. But this was not an issue in the meeting this morning.

What we discussed this morning was the need to activate the defence plans. We made the decision to activate those plans, which enables to move forces more quickly, to where they are needed. And also to agree a statement where we express a very strong condemnation of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and also announced that we are going to have a virtual NATO summit tomorrow.

NATO Spokesperson: Wall Street Journal.

Dan Michaels (The Wall Street Journal): Could you talk a little bit more about the activation of the defence plan? What exactly does this change? And when was the last time this was done? Thank you.

NATO Secretary General: These plans are plans we have developed over the years to make sure that we have plans in place to react to crisis like the crisis we are faced with now. They are defensive plans. They are prudent plans and they are plans that covers the whole east of our Alliance; from the Bering Sea down to the Mediterranean and they give our military commanders some more authorities within politically defined guidelines and frameworks to deploy forces where they deem it needed and that’s exactly what we have agreed today. These again are defensive plans, ensuring that we have forces at sufficient readiness at the right places throughout Europe.

NATO Spokesperson: Associated Press.

WSJ reporter intervenes with a follow up question: Have they ever been activated before?

I don’t know whether it’s right for me to answer that question, because I don’t know whether it has been made public before, so I only said that we activated them today.

NATO Spokesperson: Associated Press.

Mark Carlson (Associated Press): Is the NATO Response Force inside Ukraine right now?

NATO Secretary General: No, there are no NATO combat troops inside Ukraine at all. We have made it clear that we do not have any plans and intentional deploying NATO troops to Ukraine. What we have made clear is that we have already increased and we are increasing the presence of NATO troops in the Eastern part of the Alliance on NATO territory.

Ukraine is a highly valued partner. We have supported Ukraine for many, many years. We helped them to build a more modern capable armed force. Militarily, we have helped them to train equip, and in many different ways to strengthen their armed forces. We helped them with cyber defences with NATO Allies in different ways. But we don’t have NATO troops in Ukraine, and we don’t have any plans to send NATO troops into Ukraine. But we are there to protect and defend all NATO Allies. So we support Ukraine. We provide absolute security guarantees for NATO Allies. And we demonstrate that commitment by increasing the presence in the Eastern part of the Alliance.

NATO Spokesperson: We will try to take a couple of questions online before we come back to the Press Room. We will go to Steven Erlanger from New York Times.

Steven Erlanger (New York Times): spill over Thank you, Secretary General, two quick questions. One, does NATO still have military deconfliction contacts with Russian forces today, are those ongoing? And secondly, a lot of NATO countries are going to want to keep supplying weapons to Ukraine. Do you foresee this as a major risk of a NATO-Russia conflict? And where else do you see risk of conflict now between Russia and NATO countries that could spill over into something worse? Thank you, Sir.

NATO Secretary General: We have increased the presence in Eastern part of the Alliance and we have activated NATO defence plans today to make sure that we do not see any spill over to NATO territory. Because as long as Russia knows that an attack on a NATO Ally will trigger a response from the whole Alliance, they will not attack because we are the strongest Alliance in history and as long as we stand together and make clear that we are committed by our collective defence commitments. That is the best way to prevent any attack, any spill over from the tragedy, the heinous attack we see in Ukraine, a spill over onto any NATO Allied country.

NATO Allies have provided support to Ukraine in many different ways over the last years. Especially since 2014, NATO has helped them with cyber defences, we have also helped them with some different trust funds, with different activities and then on top of that, with different capacity building measures to help them to strengthen, including their naval forces and other elements of their armed forces. But then on top of what NATO has done, as an Alliance, NATO Allies have also provided military equipment, including defensive weapons and other types of support and training. It will be a national decision in what way Allies continue to provide support. So that is for individual NATO Allies to decide. Deconfliction is extremely important for us. There has been contacts between our military commanders and Russia. We will continue to reach out to them to make sure that we do everything we can to ensure deconfliction.

NATO Spokesperson: We will next go to Helsingin Sanomat – Teija Sutinen.

Teija Sutinen (Helsingin Sanomat): Yes, this is Teija Sutinen from the newspaper Helsingin Sanomat. What is your message to the Partnership countries Finland and Sweden in the situation? At least in Finland, this discussion about the possible NATO membership, is this realistic during a crisis? Thank you.

NATO Secretary General: Finland and Sweden are very close partners and I have taken careful note of the very clear message, both from Finland and Sweden. That even though they don’t apply for membership now, they strongly believe that NATO should not sign any kind of agreement with Russia, based on what Russia has proposed for us to sign a legally binding agreement ending any enlargement of NATO in the future. So I have seen that Sweden and Finland state that for them this is a question of self-determination and the sovereign right to choose your own path and then potentially in the future, also to apply for NATO membership.

So for me, the very clear messages from Finland or Sweden just has underpinned how important it is that NATO Allies do not compromise on core values, including the right for every nation to choose its own path, meaning whether it wants to belong to NATO or not belong to NATO. NATO respects those decisions regardless if it’s yes or no to joining NATO.

We very much value the close partnership with Finland and Sweden. It is important for NATO, it is important for Finland and Sweden. I visited Finland and Sweden this fall, together with the North Atlantic Council and we see how closely we work together, exercise together, increase our ability to operate together for interoperability, and we have very close political consultations. Therefore, I have invited Sweden and Finland to the virtual NATO Summit tomorrow. At the NATO Summit tomorrow, we will have Sweden and Finland, and the two EU presidents present showing in a way, the very strong unity with demonstration of transatlantic NATO and also our close partnership with EU, Finland and Sweden.

NATO Spokesperson: We will go to Polish Radio.

Beata Płomecka (Polish Radio): If I may, a follow up question to Terry’s question; when exactly these high readiness element of the NATO Response Force may be deployed? Is that up to the leaders if you conveyed the summit for tomorrow, thank you.

NATO Secretary General: First of all, we have already deployed thousands of troops. For instance to Poland there are more US forces, there are more forces from the United Kingdom and there are also other nations deploying more forces to Poland and also to other countries in the eastern part of the Alliance. More ships in the Baltic Sea and more planes conducting air policing and protecting our airspace. So, this is going on and there will be more forces in the east of the Alliance over the next days and weeks. This could include elements of the NATO Response Force, but the most important thing is not exactly which elements or which forces, but the most important thing for Poland and for the other allies in Eastern part of the Alliance, is that there are more NATO forces in the East and there is and there will be even more NATO forces in the East in the coming days and weeks.

NATO Spokesperson: Final question to TV2.

Elin Sørsdahl (TV2 Norway): Thank you for the question. Secretary General, you have received apparently very good intelligence in recent weeks, you have shared it, you have been open about it. Do you have any information of the Russian plans ahead?

NATO Secretary General: Our intelligence has been very precise because it has predicted the over now several months the military buildup, but also the intentions, the plans for Russia to attack Ukraine. But of course those plans could always be changed and we continue to call on Russia to change this course and to not attack. And then you saw this morning that they attacked. That was no surprise because that was exactly what our intelligence services have predicted over several months. We have shared that intelligence to mainly try to prevent Russia from attacking. We have shared intelligence not only about the military buildup, but also about all the different attempts by Russia to create a pretext, staged situations that they can use as an excuse. These absolutely false claims of genocide against Russians or the alleged sabotage actions inside Russia and so on. It is false. It is staged. But we expose those attempts because we hoped that that could reduce the risk of a military invasion.

We have seen that they have sticked to their plans, they have done as they actually planned for a long time ago. And we need to understand that throughout all these weeks and months, when they said that they had no plans of invading Ukraine, they had plans and they were not only having plans but they actually built up all these forces with one clear aim and that was to invade Ukraine. And despite that, they were telling us, and the world and the public, that we have no plans to invade Ukraine. Yes, they had plans and now we are seeing that actually they were serious about invading Ukraine all the time. Never serious about really engaging in diplomatic efforts.

What we see now is a full-fledged invasion of Ukraine from many multiple directions. We see air, land and naval forces taking part in those attacks. It’s too early, we don’t have a full damage assessment yet, but this is extremely serious. It’s an attack on a peaceful, sovereign, independent nation. It is a war of a type and a scale that we actually thought was part of history in Europe, but now it’s back in real and it’s imposing enormous suffering on innocent people in Ukraine.

NATO Spokesperson:  Thank you very much. This concludes this press conference. Thank you

Guest writer
Guest writer
NewsVoice welcomes knowledgeable guest writers who wish to share facts, information, and opinions that will enrich our content and the truth-seeking community.


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Å. Södergren
Å. Södergren
28 februari 2022 kl 08:13

Man kan ju undra om Maggan Andersson militära hjälp är till någon nytta. Gammal uttjänt skräp eller…? I händerna på civila som inte har en aning om hur grejorna kan skada en själv.
Soldater får fri lejd från stridsplatser om de lämnar in bössan. Bilder från strider är gammalt skräp från tidigare U-tubar. Flyktingar i karavaner är ju de 18-60 årimgar som annars tvångsrekryters till en värdelös arme’.
Med dagens stridsmetoder behövs inga NATO-metoder att jämna hela länder till marken, utan man tar ut punktmål och lämnar småfolket ifred.

Josef Persson
Josef Persson
Reply to  Å. Södergren
2 mars 2022 kl 21:51

Ja, dela ut vapen till alla män mellan 18 och 80.
FIn fin ide för att öka visualiteten av ett röright helvete.


I Sverige får inte en mönstermedborgare knappt efter jägarexamen, utredningar osv ha mer än ett enkelt gevär. Nu skall alla oavsett diagnos, psykisk balans, och brottsregister ges en del av Maggans raketgevär osv.

Vad genomtänkt?

Hans Dahl
Hans Dahl
27 februari 2022 kl 20:00

När det alternativ information till Likströmsmedias megafoner om Ukraina, så är här en intressant sammanställning av länkar:

Åsa Torp
Åsa Torp
27 februari 2022 kl 10:29

En sak kan vi var övertygade om: gammelmedias rapportering från konflikten är överdriven i syfta att skapa olust och rädsla för att hålla befolkningarna i “rätt” sinnesstämning och därmed hanterbara. Och vi kan krasst konstatera att det förekommer betydligt värre tragedier i världen som förblir i skuggan av detta spektakel.

Bara ytterligare en cynisk historia där samvetslösa individer är beredda att skada och offra för sin egen vinnings skull, och givetvis – utöva mer kontroll. Vissa ser rakt i genom spelet för gallerierna, andra tillåter sig sjunka ned i negativa energinivåer och därmed försvåra klart, kritiskt tänkande och öppnar upp för manipulation. Förhoppningsvis ger inte den förra gruppen mer energi till dårskapet än att skingra dimmorna för de som är i behov.

Anders Johansson
Anders Johansson
26 februari 2022 kl 12:10

Putin är ex KGB och troligtvis även “ex” frimurare. Sen är han miljardär så han har, precis som alla andra oligarker, också mjölkat moder Ryssland. Nog för att han säkert har rätt hög lön men så bra tjänar han inte.

Politik är att förleda massorna och det är många som har köpt hans anti-globalism-retorik. Sen är han definitivt mer trovärdig än t.ex. Dementia-Joe eller Steffe-efterbliven då han spelar rollen som statsman bättre. Men man hamnar inte på den nivån “without playing the game”.

Globalisterna tog över Ryssland redan år 1917 och de har inte släppt greppet sedan dess utan de har bara justerat styrelseskicket. Har man lite svårt att ta till sig det här kan man bara titta på hur både Tyskland och Japan fortfarande är ockuperade 80 år efter krigsslutet.

Redan 2014 så kunde jag se att USA destabiliserade Ukraina och att ett av målen var att få med dem i NATO. Kunde jag se detta så kunde även Putin göra det samma. Men ändå väntade han åtta år och när det globala injektionsprogrammet gick åt helvete gick han in i Ukraina som en globalistisk avledningsmanöver.

26 februari 2022 kl 11:15

Tack, Newsvoice.
Som vanligt har allmänheten hört åklagarens anklagelser, och åklagarens vittne, utan ett ord från försvaret. Och som vanligt godtar allmänheten att höra den ena sidan utan att bry sig om vad den andra sidan har att säga. Åklagaren har försäkrat oss om att detta inte är nödvändigt därför att den andra sidan sprider bara misinformation.

Å. Södergren
Å. Södergren
26 februari 2022 kl 07:54

Stefan Loven har man inte hört av på en stund. Får han inte ett bank- eller försäkringsjobb snart? Han som slet så lydigt med “inga gränser” år 2015 (?). Han behöver väl också ett slott i Sörmland.
Eller har han kommit i vägen för flygande metallbitar i Tensta?

Fredrik Eriksson
Reply to  Å. Södergren
27 februari 2022 kl 16:25

Se svaret ovan.
Han är en nickedocka åt EMF. Och har gjort sitt för att dölja bankernas ackumulerade räntebärande skulder.
Importerar en nvandrare för att lösa problematiken.

Erik Forsman
26 februari 2022 kl 07:36

The picture says everything that needs to be said:comment image?ssl=1 

26 februari 2022 kl 03:38

Putin sprängde globalistnästen och militärmateriel, -“avnazifiering” som han själv kallar det. Ni får ju inte glömma att Ukraina är ett av världens mest korrupta länder och helt styrt och kontrollerat av USA och Israel dom senaste 10 åren, dom har ju mördat Ryssar på samma sätt som Hitler mördade Juder. Varför skapades NATO? NATO är för irriterande och provocerande, om Finland och Sverige var i konflikt inte skulle vi acceptera finska kärnvapen på Åland? Putin slog snabbt och effektivt ut korrupt infrastruktur via distans, när det var avklarat så lämnade han över ansvaret till Ukraniska militären att själva rensa upp bland alla nyttiga jävla idioter, citat -“Ukraina ska inte styras av nazister” Någon civilbefolkning etc. var aldrig i någon fara, även om nu media i väst vill måla upp en helt annan bild. Dessutom sa han att han inte är intresserad av att ockupera Ukraina så jag ser inte hur han kunde ha gjort detta smartare. Bra att han gör något, nutidens globalism är dåtidens zionism, han behöver göra samma sak i Tyskland, Frankrike och Italien. Tänk vilken underbar värld om Sveriges militär hade brytt sig lika mycket om folket, istället för att titta på medan folket injiceras ihjäl. Ukraina tänker nu om gällande NATO medlemskap och EU förlorar, i första hand Sverige och Tyskland, helt enligt globalisternas agendor.

Litet enkelt exempel så man förstår hur vidrigt vilseledande informationen i media är, media anser att ett tiotal civila som dött är en sådan fruktansvärt katastrof, OM detta nu ens stämmer. “Oförlåtelig katastrof, Känslokallt monster, Ondskan från Moskva” etc. är rubriker som dom flesta har sett. Men när 32 000st osklydiga och ovetande människor dör av injektioner i Tyskland så betyder det inget?

Tysklands försäkringsbolag slår larm: https://europeanhandtools.com/blogs/news/german-health-insurance-claims-show-31-254-deaths-following-covid-19-vaccines-while-official-government-stats-repor

Hans Dahl
Hans Dahl
Reply to  Patrik
26 februari 2022 kl 11:24

En av dem som har berikat sig oerhört på Ukrainas folks bekostnad är Joe Bidens son Hunter Biden:

Hunter Biden är, precis som sin far, jesuit.

“Notable alumni
Hunter Biden, attorney, son of Vice President Joseph R. Biden – served with JVC Northwest”

Eddie Felson
Eddie Felson
Reply to  Patrik
27 februari 2022 kl 15:39

Hur resonerar du om det skulle vara så att dem som styr Ryssland tillhör samma klubb som äger/styr Ukraina,USA,Kina för att nämna några?
Är den tanken för skrämmande?

Fredrik Eriksson
Reply to  Eddie Felson
27 februari 2022 kl 16:23

Det är inte samma klubb.
Det är EN klubb med olika namn.

Ett Bibliskt ramverk har redan gett svaren.
Ryssland (Gog) med tillhörande länder (Magog) kommer att invadera Ukraina, Finland och Sverige.
I vardera ordning.
Ryssland är björnen i Uppenbarelseboken.
Den som har 3 revben i munnen.
Dvs revben är synonymt med HBTQ och Nato-styrkor (bla Löfvens regnbågsflaggor).

Annexering av den ekonomiska omstarten som Magdalena Andersson säger. Putin. Är en axel och motor för att smörja den globala ekonomin i en Antikristlig riktning så att ALLA ska förmås, övertygas och tvingas ta emot Vaccinet, Vaccinpasset och Vaccinplåster med tillhörande Vaccin-Lön.
Märket, dess Namn och dess Namns Tal.
Dvs den rent sociopolitiska situation kallas skuldmättnad, medans den globala exegetiska strukturen kallas Vildjurets Rike.
Ett rike som är en Leopard (EU), med ett Björns fötter (Ryssland) och ett Lejons mun (USA).
Vilket av en slump råkar vara de 3 länder som snabbast införde vaccinen 2020.

Allt är bara en ENORM kuliss för att vaccinera alla (även barn) hösten 2022.
Dvs Vildjurets Märke, dess Namn och dess Namns Tal.

25 februari 2022 kl 01:28

Vilket dravel, ingenting om kulturellt arv eller något djupt. Bara olika personer som har NATO som sitt kulturarv. Inget svar om varför de betett sig som de gjort, i en rad länder. Hela Sydamerika, Afrika, Mellanöstern och Asien är nog ganska trötta på det tunna och korrupta ledarskapet i väst, som saknar förankring i folkens kultur och hjärta.

Josef Persson
Josef Persson
Reply to  Marianne
25 februari 2022 kl 02:07

Lite mer historia i alla fall!


Ingen är väl opartisk, och ingen går väl till djupet med vad som verkligen sker.
Men det är väl bättre än alla svenska ljugmedier?

Men nu är det väl bara att vänta på cyberattackerna som de alla planerat, och kommer skylla på varandra, samtidigt som vi i allmänheten blir av med vår kontakt med omvärlden.

Så kan de ljuga ihop pecis vad de vill, och stå oemotsagda.

Lögnens tid kommer blomstra.

Josef Persson
Josef Persson
25 februari 2022 kl 00:53

Kanske intressant i samanhanget?


Svergie tar nu hem sin personal.
Hetsa, hetsa, hetsa, och sen dra sig ur.
Känns det igen från tidigare?

Josef Persson
Josef Persson
25 februari 2022 kl 00:24

Putin är ju ond, det vet vi ju alla vid det här laget……
Och alla i Nato ör höjden av godhet……

Och Stolpskottet visste ju redan att invasionen skull ske tydligen?
Liksom man vet att Putin vill dominera världen.

Så varför då inte röja problemet ur världen?
Med dagens högteknologiska vapen kunde han varit borta sekunden han satte foten utanför dörren, eller lite rörigare även inanför dörren.

Ja Putin är ju en ond, odemokratisk diktator, så vad är problemet?

Ja problemet är ju att världens ledare fullkomligt älskar krig, älskar sanktioner, och älskar röran det skapar. Aldrig drabbar det ledarna, alltid drabbar det folket.

Inget engagerar som ett krig, tar fokus från allt annat.

En intressant iakttagelse. Är inte med i Twitter, men om jag går in på #Putin, där alla tävlar i att spy galla över Putin och vem som kan hata honom mest. Så kan jag stanna på twitter hur länge som helst. Alla positiva tweets försvinner mer eller mindre omedelbart.

Men vilken profil som helst, negativ till den Svenska regimen, och jag måste omedelbart gå med för att se mer.

Skådespelet fortsätter, vilken akt var vi nu på?

Eddie Felson
Eddie Felson
24 februari 2022 kl 23:22
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Mopping Up
Mopping Up
Reply to  Eddie Felson
24 februari 2022 kl 23:34

Hahahaha…. 😉 Helt otroligt dåligt… Kalkonpropaganda som konstart.

Fredrik Eriksson
Reply to  Mopping Up
24 februari 2022 kl 23:42

Är ju väldigt likt Magdalena Andersson som överraskar med att även hon vilja sälja sin själ.
Ni tror mig inte?
Jag ber redaktören att rota fram Operasångerskan Malena Ernmans citat -Så sålde jag min själ till djävulen.
Var det Allers eller Svensk Damtidning?
Det här kan nog ha varit 10-14 år sedan.

Hans Dahl
Hans Dahl
Reply to  Fredrik Eriksson
25 februari 2022 kl 10:09

I texten till den här artikeln ser vi ett klipp från en social plattform av en madonna i lite annorlunda utstyrsel som säger “när du säljer din själ till djävulen tillåts du inte fråga om att få den tillbaka”.

Fredrik Eriksson
Reply to  Hans Dahl
25 februari 2022 kl 10:14

Nej! inte alls!
Och varför då?
-Jo djävulen (Satan) anklagaren på Hebreiska har ju
lovat dem evigt liv?
Varför behöver Magda, Maggan och co då oroa sig?

-Jo skriften säger att djävulen är lögnens fader.

-Den såg de inte komma!

  • För att citera Löfven…(som nu inte existerar?).


Alla säljer sin själ till Djävulen (någon gång) under sin livstid?

-Och hon får inte stå oemotsagd.
tidningen Vi i september 2011. 

Josef Persson
Josef Persson
Reply to  Eddie Felson
25 februari 2022 kl 00:02

Vet väl alla att skyddsväst skyddar mot bombning med missiler!

Reply to  Eddie Felson
25 februari 2022 kl 09:18

Ungefär som när väderpresentatören är ute och rapporterar om en storm.

Reply to  Eddie Felson
25 februari 2022 kl 14:49

Mycket dåligt gjord video. Ljudet har de lagt på efteråt och ryggande mot västen är ju rent löjligt. Vem skjuter en dyr granat på en CCN reporter på ett tak någonstans. Jag såg en annan video med en upphetsad fotograf som filmade “explosioner” med inga nedslagsmärken någonstans.

stig lönnqvist
stig lönnqvist
24 februari 2022 kl 20:01

Tittade på Finsk TV som har mycket sakligare information än SVT. Klart är att Ryssland har blivit provocerade av Ukraina/uza sen 2014 med provoktioner mot den ryska befolkningen i östra Ukraina. I östra Ukraina bor massor med Ryssar. Putin säger att för att försäkra sina landsmäns säkerhet i östra Ukraina behövs en nedtagning av Ukrainas arme. Det är vad det handlar om, Ryssland vill skydda sina landsmän. Sånt skulle väl inte det fega Sverige göra, skydda sina landsmän. Sverige skyddar och hjälper alla andra.

Tors vrede
Tors vrede
Reply to  stig lönnqvist
24 februari 2022 kl 21:55

Vi har ju ingen kultur! Eller som F.R sa! Barbari.

Hans Dahl
Hans Dahl
Reply to  Tors vrede
25 februari 2022 kl 09:45

Menar du Frederikus Krösus?

Tors vrede
Tors vrede
Reply to  Hans Dahl
25 februari 2022 kl 17:32

Helt rätt Hans.

Eddie Felson
Eddie Felson
24 februari 2022 kl 19:13

25 – 30 kr/litern för bensin i säg 6-7 månader.
Därefter kommer denna påhittade teater att läggas ner, och nästa pjäs ska få premiär.
Filmerna dem visar som ska föreställa ett krig kan lika gärna vara en studio production.
Inte första gången alla inblandande i djävelskap berättar olika versioner av samma lögn.

Fredrik Eriksson
Reply to  Eddie Felson
24 februari 2022 kl 20:19

Fast om du bara tankar för 100 SEK så spelar det ju ingen roll hur stort bensinpriset blir…

Tors vrede
Tors vrede
Reply to  Fredrik Eriksson
24 februari 2022 kl 21:52

En klassiker!

Reply to  Fredrik Eriksson
25 februari 2022 kl 09:16

Många har sådant avstånd till macken så om dem bara åker till och från macken och tankar så sjunker nivån i bränsletanken.

Hans Dahl
Hans Dahl
Reply to  Richard
25 februari 2022 kl 09:42

Man kan fråga sig hur det är med nivån när det gäller “våra” ansvariga ledares tankar…

Josef Persson
Josef Persson
Reply to  Hans Dahl
25 februari 2022 kl 15:41


Å. Södergren
Å. Södergren
Reply to  Fredrik Eriksson
26 februari 2022 kl 07:45

Till slut blir det så lite soppa, att du inte kan ta dig ifrån macken!

Mopping Up
Mopping Up
Reply to  Eddie Felson
24 februari 2022 kl 22:47

Bortanför just denna False Flag – sticker in med en övrig nyhet….

German Public Health Insurer: Vaccine Side Effects Maybe 8 to 10 Times More Frequent Than Officially Reported
Rapporterats länge om det här och även bevisat i USA och i deras system som uppskattas ha mellan 10 – 100 ggr mer skador i verkligheten.

Mopping Up
Mopping Up
Reply to  Mopping Up
24 februari 2022 kl 22:56

68,000% Increase in Strokes as FDA and NIH Secretly Study Reports of Neurological Injuries After COVID-19 Vaccines
(tillbaks till TV:n nu och se det senaste från Ukraina – glöm inte Tegnells rekommendation om spruta nr 4)

Reply to  Mopping Up
26 februari 2022 kl 03:36

32 000st osklydiga och ovetande människor döda av injektioner i Tyskland hittills redan, även om inte media bryr sig.

Tysklands försäkringsbolag slår larm: https://europeanhandtools.com/blogs/news/german-health-insurance-claims-show-31-254-deaths-following-covid-19-vaccines-while-official-government-stats-repor

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