Naomi Wolf: Biden’s vaccine mandate is a biofascist coup against the American people

publicerad 12 september 2021
- av NewsVoice
Naomi Wolf (eget verk) Kweilin Street Hong Kong. Foto: Sham Shui-Po. Licens. CC-BY-NC-SA-2.0

WORLD. The journalist Dr. Naomi Wolf believes that the Biden administration has carried out a biofascist coup and thus started a war against the American people when he declares that around 100 million Americans must be vaccinated in order to keep their jobs and stay safe for their own kids.

By Torbjorn Sassersson, NewsVoice | Video: Real America’s Voice

In his speech on September 10, Joe Biden told the nation that he could use the Department of Defense to impose vaccination on the people covered by the decree. Workers and contractors in healthcare, all employees in authorities, and companies with at least 100 employees have 75 days to be fully vaccinated with two doses. Biden said that those who do not follow the decree risk losing their jobs. People are stripped of their bodily autonomy and their bodies are subjected to experimental medication, Wolf warns.

A biofascist coup

Naomi Wolf suspects that the drug policy move is linked to new evidence showing that Dr. Anthony Fauci helped fund the Wuhan laboratory identified as the source of the spread of SARS Cov-2. She says it seems that the administration is trying to divert attention from ongoing attempts to bring Fauci to justice.

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Steve Bannon, host of the show Real America’s Voice, asks Naomi Wolf to explain what she means by the term biofascist coup. Wolf replies that when the Biden administration is said to be prepared to use the Ministry of Defense – that is, the military – to impose mass vaccination, it is a coup. Biden also says that the administration is prepared to run over elected governors and The National Guard. Biden has even said that the administration should get rid of all the governors who oppose the plan, Bannon adds.

Naomi Wolf comments that she has never heard of an American president threatening governors in this way. She says the aim seems to be to shut down democracy and while people are still contemplating what their president has just said – figuratively speaking – their front doors are being kicked in.

Wolf, author of the book The End of America, on an authoritarian takeover, warned in April 2021 that vaccine passports are one of the most serious threats to human rights. Biden has taken this a step further. Now even American parents are threatened because they are singled out as dangerous to their own children if they are unvaccinated. The administration can take the opportunity to seize their children, Wolf warns.

She says in an interview with Fox News that now is the time to speak out and put an end to the fascism that is spreading today in the same way as in the 1930s when arguments such as “for the greater good” were also used to build authoritarianism.

By Torbjorn Sassersson, NewsVoice | Video: Real America’s Voice


Sean & Rachel at Fox News invited New York Times best-selling author, scholar, and feminist leader Naomi Wolf. Naomi discusses how she had previously been celebrated and praised for her views, but issues of freedom centralizing around the pandemic have polarized her reputation into one of a villain.

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  • In addition, molecular mimicry may contribute to female infertility by leading to the generation of deleterious autoantibodies, which could also participate to the onset of an autoimmune disease in infected patients. We carried out a systematic study to improve our understanding of the possible effects of SARS-CoV-2 infection on female fertility using the angle of molecular mimicry as a starting point.

    Results show a number of rather long linear sequences shared by the SARS-CoV-2 proteins and oogenesis-related proteins that might play a role in the production of possibly pathogenic crossreactive autoantibodies. SARS-CoV-2 spike glycoprotein was found to share 41 minimal immune determinants, i.e., pentapeptides, with 27 human proteins that relate to oogenesis, uterine receptivity, decidualization, and placentation.

    All the shared pentapeptides that we identified, with the exception of four, are also present in SARS-CoV-2 spike glycoprotein-derived epitopes that have been experimentally validated as immunoreactive.

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