Former Banker: Climate Politics is a Global Reset Tool – Part 1

publicerad 22 augusti 2022
- av Aga Wilson
Former HSBC banker Alexander Pohl and Aga Wilson, August 2022. Photo: Torbjorn Sassersson, NewsVoice

WORLD POLITICS. Former British HSBC banker Alexander Pohl discusses the current global climate politics, globalism, and the need for a conscious change in society. He says that it's time for people to understand how the world is managed by an elite and that we don't need to follow suit.

Interview by Aga Wilson | Recording, editing, and text: Torbjorn Sassersson (text updated 14:38, Thuesday 23)

Alexander Pohl in a previous interview talked about the problems with wind power plants. In this interview by Aga Wilson he discusses current climate politics. He talks about an event named Stockholm +50 that he calls a "strange event". It celebrates the last 50 years of environmental work. 1972 was the year when the world saw the first world conference on the environment. It was arranged by the UN and held in Stockholm.

Stockholm +50 attended by former "BlackRock PR-guy"

Pohl expected the Stockholm +50 event to be as big as the public event in 1972, but he ascertained that the follow-up was very secretive with no public participation. There was no audience. Not even the media covered it (try to search the internet for it). This should be a big red flag to any true environmentalist, Pohl points out.

Pohl tried to enter the event by normal press accreditation, but he and his photographer were not welcome to attend. That validated that the international meeting was carefully curated for the "right" narrative, he says.

One conference event was titled "We don't have time" led by Ingmar Rentzhog a former "BlackRock PR guy" who went into the climate scene. BlackRock is an American multinational investment management corporation that performed a net income of 5.9 billion US dollars in 2021.

Pohl also touched upon the subject of geoengineering saying that climate-changing techniques are routinely used in many countries to improve the harvest and for other reasons such as at sports events or in wars. He says climate engineering must be well anchored in climate science and not only in climate politics. As an example of the anti-science approach of today, is that researchers trying to investigate climate politics and climate-changing technologies are defunded.

Alexander Pohl's main message

Pohl's overall message in the interview is that people of the world time after another can view how the globalists play out the same kind of strategy over and over again, no matter what the theme is. It can be the climate or viruses. The elite is always hell-bent on pushing through their pre-scripted agendas for order, more money, and power and they are not at all really interested in the environment, conserving natural resources, or people's health.

We must ask ourselves why they are pushing it so hard, he says. Will really electric cars, lithium batteries, solar panels, wind turbines, and insect food save the world, he asks rhetorically.

Aga Wilson cuts in with the observation that they always say we only have a few years left before the end of the world.  As an example, we have a recent article from July 2022 in The Guardian titled: "Soon the world will be unrecognisable: is it still possible to prevent total climate meltdown?" depicting a reddish planet Earth enveloped in smoke.

Pohl's comment is if we keep industrially terraforming the planet we will kill ourselves instead of stopping actions like deforestation and urbanization. He also mentions the elite gatherings that the public domain and the media still have no access to.

In part two of the interview, Alexander Pohl will talk more about what we can do to change our lives for the better.

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