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publicerad 16 november 2023
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Philipp Kruse, Attorney: No Doubt a Massive WHO Power Grab is Happening – Speech from Swedish Parliament

Mikki Willis: The Game Changer – Mikki Willis Reveals All The Dirty Psychological Tricks of the Globalist Agenda

Del Bigtree: Using Censorship as a Tool for Getting Real Facts Out to the Public

Catherine Austin Fitts: Clues on How to Recapture Individual Freedom and Ditch the Global Control Grid

Influencers and experts. Global Health Influencers are Hopeful for the Year 2023

Dr. Aseem Malhotra: Calls for Immediate Suspension of the COVID Shots

Meryl Nass: They Use Fear to Keep a Grip on You – And How to Get Free

Dr. Ryan Cole: What the Spike Proteins Do to Your Body

Dr. Jessica Rose: Why is VAERS Removing Data on Adverse Events?

Dr Richard Urso: CDC:s Approval to Jab Kids is a Crime Against Humanity

Monica Smit: Global Walkout to Push Back the Globalist Agenda

Bruce Pardy: The Rule of Law and the Current Challenges to Democracy

Ernest Ramirez: The Death of My Son 5 Days After Receiving a Pfizer Shot

Dr. Nasser: The Current Covid-19 Situation in Brazil

Dr. Peter McCullough: I was Suspended on Twitter

Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche: The Dangers of Mass Vaccination During Pandemics

John Bush: The Greater Reset and How To Exit the Old and Build the New

Aga Wilson: Breaking The Silence About Covid Vaccine Injuries – The Ripple Effect Podcast

Dr. Alexandra Hernrion-Caude, Dr. Naseeba Kathrada, Dr. Karina Acivedo Whitehouse, Gona Sing: Experts on the Global Health Crisis due to the Experimental “Covid-19 vaccines”

Brook Jackson: Pfizer Insider on falsified Data and Slow Reporting on Adverse Events

Professor Christian Perronne: Revisiting the Covid Pandemic and What is Next?

Dr. Paul Mari: New Treatment Protocol for Covid-19 Vaccine Injured

James Thorp: “What is Pfizer and Moderna hiding from us?”

Brittany Galvin: I was Injured by the Moderna Covid Shot and Ended Up in a Detox Clinic

Dr Torkel Snellingen: Vaccines and Injuries

Dr. Astrid Stuckelberger:  The “Pandemic Treaty” and What’s Really in the Shots?

Alexander Pohl: What Impact do Wind Turbines have on the Environment and our Health?

Vaccine Injured: Covid 19 vaccine injured from around the world sharing their stories

Dr. Dolores Cahill: How You Can Prepare Yourself for What is to Come

Maria Dangond and Antonia Dunbar: Natural Birth and What They Don’t Tell You – Part 1

Kevin D. Jenkins: Modern Day Slavery of all Races and the Covid Narrative

Dr. Li-Meng Yan: Plans to Unleash Hemorrhagic Fever Bioweapon

Dr. Paul Thomas: Losing the License after Publishing Largest Study on Vaccinated vs Unvaccinated Children

Dr Yan and S Kahn: The Lab Made Virus and the Covid Response in Asia

Beverly Rubik: Wireless Radiation and Covid – Energy Medicine

Dr. Peter McCullough: 39% of the Covid Spread Occurs Between Fully Vaccinated People

Dr. Alim and Curtis Cost: Cutting through the False Covid Narratives

Dr. Hanna Åsberg and Professor Björn Hammarskjöld: Real Covid Death Rate in Sweden 2020 was Less than the Annual Influenza

Amanda Forbes interviews Aga Wilson: The Covid Situation in Sweden

Dr. Christiane Northrup: How to Stay Healthy during the “Turning of the Ages”

Max Winter: The Swedish Freedom Movement

Maureen McDonnell: Crimes Against Humanity and the Enough Movement

Brittany Auerbach: Censorship and Natural Medicine

Key Persons: The World Council for Health

Jason Christoff: How to be Free from Mental Conditioning Caused by Society

Polly Tommey: The Vaxxed Documentary

James Lyons-Weiler: Synthetic people will evolve at least 3 times faster

Alix Mayer: “Covid Shot Regret” – People are Waking Up as Knowledge is Accumulated Worldwide

Mari Malek: Think Twice Before you Donate to big NGO’s

Dafna Tachove: 5G Radiation is Dangerous

Dr. Robert Malone: The Current Covid Crisis (almost 1 million views)

Dr David Rasnick: The Covid Crisis – Don’t let your kids be vaccinated

Dr. Andrew Kaufman: Thoughts About the Covid Crisis

Dr. Lawrence Palevsky: Do not let your children be injected with “covid vaccines” – If you want to get pregnant avoid injection

Dr. Jessica Rose: The harms of covid vaccines may be monumental

Curtis Cost: Medical Apartheid and Vaccine Passports

Aga Wilson: Manifestation for Freedom and Truth in Stockholm

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